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Debating Mums is a community of a diverse group of people, ranging in all ages, religions, races, nationalities. We learn from others and sometimes teach others through the discourse of debate. Ideas are challenged, attacked, defended, supported, etc...


In the interests of freedom of expression we have a relaxed attitude on the use of certain language. Posts will NOT be deleted solely for containing a swear word.

Using bad language in the form of INSULTS or PERSONAL ATTACKS on other members will however not be tolerated and will result in the post being deleted without warning.


Do not antagonise, abuse, denigrate, attack or harass any other member.

Do not start threads with the aim of attacking, criticizing or offending another member.

Do not dredge up old threads or posts for the purpose of denigrating another member.


In debates, you will grow annoyed, perhaps even angry at the people you are debating against, don't let it get to you. Try to remember that the best way to change someone else's position to yours, is to challenge the idea, not attack the poster. Using sarcasm, humour, or wit in your debate style is perfectly acceptable as long as it doesn't cross that line of "flaming" the opposition. Flaming is the weakest kind of argument, it shows absolutely no substance and only proves that you can't find a legitimate response to someone. It only takes one good flame war from a few people to ruin the entire topic for everyone, so please be considerate of others.


We are all busy parents operating lives outside the world of CoMs. This includes Admin and moderators. We are not always able to watch every active thread, at every time of the day. We need your help to maintain a peaceful community. If you think a post is strongly offensive and distasteful, report it. Don't flame back, it only further complicates the issue at hand. We will handle it.

Please do not attempt to publicly question or undermine any given direction or ruling by members in their official capacity as Moderators.

If you do not understand or object to a Moderator's actions, you MUST first Private Message that Moderator with details, allowing the moderator reasonable time to respond, and in the case of mistakes, remedy them. Only after this, if you remain dissatisfied, you should Private Message details to Admin who will then have the final say on the matter.


Old threads, that have been inactive for over 6 months, will be regularly locked. This is not to prevent you discussing the issue but to keep debates fresh with active members. Please feel free to start a new conversation on the subject.

~DM Admin and Mods~

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