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Are you only personally pro-life or is your mission to put an end to abortions all together? And if you successfully talk a woman into going through with an unwanted pregnancy and keeping the child, what is provided for that child by YOU? Are you now responsible for this child from birth through college? And how do you protect the child from falling through the cracks and becoming a victim of child abuse or homelessness? I watched a documentary, "12th & Delaware" where the Pro-Lifers were offering a McDonald's meal, stuffed animals, clothes for the baby and a fist full of dollars. But what happens after the child is born? I wonder who supports this child then? Please educate me. I can't help but notice how many unwanted children we have in our country. Every time I turn on the news there is a story of child abuse. Our prisons are over crowded. People do adopt- but from other countries. I think sometimes it would have been more humane to let the mother terminate instead of bringing the child into a life of misery.

This post is not to debate the issue of abortion itself. I just want to know how you are doing your part.

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I am only personally pro-life, I guess. I mean, I would love to see an end to abortions, but I'm not actively doing anything about it. I'm not picketing abortion clinics or writing letters to my alderman or anything. Although I am pro-life, I don't believe that, at this time, abortion should be illegal. I think there are too many other issues that need to be resolved first - for instance, the number of unplanned, unwanted pregnancies that still occur.
I worked in Chilren's Services before I had children of my own. In adoptions, in fact. I have seen the effects of unwanted children, and parents who didn't care about them enough to change their lifestyles before or after the birth, far too many times.
For me personally, I don't see myself talking a complete stranger out of an abortion. If I were able to talk someone into keeping an unwanted pregnancy, it'd either be someone I was friends with or in the context of work. Either way then, I would be prepared to stand by that person and help them either raise the child or find a safe, loving home for the child. If it was at work, I'd be providing them with resources. If it was a friend, I'd be accompanying them to appointments with the dr, with adoption agencies, with social services, whatever was necessary. For someone I was close enough to, I'd even be prepared to foster or adopt their child. In fact, I'd like to either foster or adopt when my other kids are a little older. I want to volunteer with our pregnancy care centre or a home for young moms as well, and do volunteer with an agency that provides support to parents with young children.
I'm sure there is always more I can do, but I try to do what I can.

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