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I was talking to someone the other day, and she said that she still uses a pushchair for her 4 year old if she has a lot to do. I've also seen some mum's at my daughters school come to pick them up and put them in a pushchair to do their shopping or whatever.
Personally, i think 4yrs is too old to be still using a pushchair.
How old do you think is too old??
What age did you stop using one??

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I think it depends really. I know a few moms who have 4-7 kids and it's a lot easier to keep track of all the kids if the younger ones are all strapped into a stroller lol as well, I can understand a mom in a hurry to get to an appointment or a store before it closes for lunch or the day wanting to strap a 4 year old into a stroller so she can move it on her time and not worry about the kiddo gettin tired or wandering off etc

If you have your 3-4 year old in a stroller just because though, that's pushing it. Children NEED exercise! They NEED to explore as well as be taught the boundaries and limits of walking on the sidewalk and "sharing the road".

I understand that some days you don't have the patience to answer every question a child asks as they walk beside you pointing out every single thing and stopping to look at every bug, piece of garbage, crack in the road etc... I can even understand wanting to get things done like shopping asap and it being easier with the kiddo strapped in.... but.... not every single time, every single day.

Those women on the bus, maybe it was one of those days for them. The women who have smaller kids that get played out faster - puttin them in a stroller is a lot easier than packing em or sitting and waiting for half an hour so they can regain energy in order to get home etc. So I think it really depends on the situation and the day and the mom and the kiddo.

I know my son will be walkin as much as possible as soon as he starts walking - mainly cause he's always been a curious baby and as soon as he could wiggle he was zoomin around gettin into things and looking at everything. And I will let him stop every 2 minutes to look at whatever he wants, ask 100 questions just to move another foot down the road to do the same all over again. BUT, I don't drive, and I hate busses... so if I need to get somewhere and he is bein a butt... he will get strapped into the stroller until he can behave and get a boot in it so mommy can get done what she needs to get done - whether he's 2 or 4.

And if he's still being a butt any older than that, which I doubt he will be - then I'll have bigger issues than gettin to an appointment on time lol

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A lot of people foster bad habits out of convenience for them. The kicker is when you see a 5 year old in a stroller with sippy cup and a pacifier. I've seen it!!! I try to keep in mind that I do not know these people's circumstances, but I agree with Abby, it just appears like lazy parenting to me.

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(ive said this before but here goes)

at 18months old my mum used to walk me the 15-20min to town, everyday! ok she'd get the bus back, cos i was VERY tiny as i had been poorly at 9months, but she'd walk me there and all round town. it's not necessary, if u get ur child used to walking ti wont be a problem!!! it can be lazy parenting if u just cant be bothered to make them walk!!!

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My son stopped using his stroller a few months before his 3rd birthday. But even before that, I always had the stroller with me, but he refused to sit and be strapped inot it. He always wanted to be out and walk. But, my nephew easily stayed in his stroller until about 3 1/2. He tired out too easily.

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I don't drive, my eldest is 4 nearly 5 (eek! where did the time go!!) and we've always walked everywhere in the week. (daddy and his car are around on the w/e!)
My daughters school is a 30 minute walk (for me, 40 mins when she's with me) away and we walk home every day. She's perfectly capable of doing so.
From about 2/ 2and a half, she walked with me to nursery (which was about a 20 minute walk).
I may end up eating my words tho i guess, as i can imagine using the pushchair for longer with my youngest because of picking my eldest up from school!! I still think 4 is way too old tho! :)

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I think by the time a child is 2 - 2 1/2 they're old enough to start walking!! I hate seeing bigger kids all scrunched up in a pram. I know their little legs can get tired, but you just need to accommodate that. If you're at the supermarket they can go in the trolley anyway. We all drive here though so I can see how you may need to keep your child in the pram for a bit longer if you walk or catch public transport.

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OW you are so right I have seen kids in pushchair with legs long enough to drag them over the floor... and the worst is when they get in the bus and they keep the child in the pushchair and then I can't get in the bus with my 7 month old because only 2 pushchairs are allowed!! I think it depends on where your going and how far you have to walk.. but 3 is the limited no?? When I was young I used to shove my little brother ( 3 and half years younger) out of the pushchair and make him walk so I could sit :-)) I guess I was just lazy...

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