Smoking on School property/ outings etc

Rachel - posted on 10/28/2011 ( 117 moms have responded )




Do you think it's okay for parents to smoke in front of the school while waiting for their kids to come out?
Do you think it's okay for parents to be smoking at all on school or daycare grounds?
-Whether its to pick up or drop off your child or if its an outdoor activity like a school sport/fun fair/ field trip etc Should parents be allowed to volunteer to help on field trips if they smoke?
it it okay that they are going to be seen smoking by your children?
or is it everywhere and it doesnt bother you?

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You hate the smell of it and it makes you cough... yet 3 months ago you WERE a smoker. Actually BEING a smoker would literally kill me. Kind of a big difference there.

You also live w/ someone who still smokes. The 3rd hand smoke residue has the exact same effect as the 2nd hand smoke. You LIVE in a house that would have me coughing 24/7....

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You know what? I have just as much right to my opinion as you have to yours.

How the hell do you 'leave it alone' when you can't breathe? It's not like I have the power to make it illegal. I don't even vote. It is a WISH and completely w/in my rights to HAVE that wish.

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So your solution is to make it illegal, and in effect make the millions of smokers "suffer" because you cough while out and about in public? Its not enough that there are now 'regulated" smoking sections EVERY WHERE, you want to go a step further and take away yet another right of someone?
It makes me cough to, I HATE the smell of it but I don't let it bother me, I leave it alone. There is ALWAYS going to be something someone does that "bothers" another person, healthy or not, but when is this need for regulations going to end? When its finally illegal to step out of your house at an un-designated time? Come on.

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I CAN'T BREATHE!!! What the hell part of that don't you understand?! NO ONE has or ever will smoke in my house. No one who smokes will ever be invited into my home.

I can be so far away from a smoker that I can't see them and have no clue WHERE the smell is coming from, but I will start coughing and choking so bad that I almost puke... and have to puff on my inhaler twice a day for a week or two before I no longer cough at random throughout the day, EVERY day. Unless I were to move somewhere that it IS illegal... this is something that I will have to deal w/ for the rest of my life. So excuse me for having a 'pipe dream' of living in a world where I can actually breathe! I KNOW it will never happen, but I kind of wish I knew what it felt like to get through a day w/out coughing..... :(

Katherine - posted on 10/29/2011




There is a smoke free enforcement at our schools and playgrounds. No one is allowed to smoke on or near them. I will admit I have smoked on a field trip, but it was at the zoo and no one else was around. I hated myself for it but I hadn't had one for a long time. Nic fit. I smoked as fast as I could and only took a few puffs.

Now on school grounds or playgrounds I don't. Too many kids. If I do I go to the car. But you can't even smoke in the car at the school.
I think it's a good implementation.

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Yeah so don't let it bother you to the point where it should be illegal everywhere. Seriously.. its people like you with your "i don't like it it bothers me, make it illegal " attitude that infringes on EVERYBODY else's choice and right in to do what they wish with their body in their homes. As far as the smoking going on in your house that really sucks, even when I was a smoker I didn't smoke in my home and neither does my husband. I don't care who is in my house living or visiting, they smoke, they take it outside period.

But for anybody to say something being done outside should be illegal is on the controlling side. Of course im of the "mind your own business... DON'T make someones else's business yours" opinion.

[deleted account]

Not my problem? When a guy recently finishes a cigarette and walks into the same room as me and the smell coming off of him causes me to instantly start coughing and choking so bad that I almost puke in the waiting room.... other people's choices very much ARE my problem.

Yeah, it's your right (general you) to smoke since it isn't illegal, but it royally sucks when another person's right to smoke interferes w/ my right to breathe. A lot my neighbors smoke, so this is a problem I deal w/ on practically a daily basis... in my own home. :(

Editting to add that I only read the post under my last one before responding again. ;)

Johnny - posted on 10/28/2011




Here it is illegal to even smoke in a car with kids present. Definitely not on school property or on field trips. But I see no reason that a smoker should be banned from taking kids on field trips or volunteering at the school as long as they can wait until after to light up. These regulations are designed to put the safety and health of children before the convenience of adults. Which is exactly how it should be. I have zero patience for people who wish to potentially harm others because of their choices. To me smoking around kids is sort of like drinking and driving in slow motion. Most of my friends whose parents smoked in the home have some sort of allergies or asthma as a result. Who knows what will happen as the years pass. My grandmother did not smoke a day in her life, but her father smoked when they were growing up and again when he lived with her for a time as an older man. She died of smoking related lung cancer.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 10/28/2011




I am a smoker, and no I don't think it is appropriate for parents to smoke on school grounds or school sporting events/field trips.

[deleted account]

Waiting in their car to pick them up or just dropping them off, I don't see a problem with it, field trips or any other school activity where they will be in close contact with the children then no, they can wait. Should they be "allowed" to to volunteer if they smoke? Absolutely, again, they can wait to smoke.

Im an ex smoker.... at least I hope it sticks this time. Been three months since my last one, quit cold turkey. I quit because my daughter started imitating me with her crayons and my son started asking me if it could kill me. So that was the end of that. That being said, my husband still smokes, it doesn't bother me that he does because quit simply it is HIS choice. Im not going to put restrictions on him and his smoking and I wouldn't anyone else either.I don't mind that my children see people and family smoke, unless it is being blown right into their faces then we have a problem.

It is a personal choice to smoke, in my opinion nobody has any right to tell another person that they cant make those choices or make daily activities that much more of a pain in the ass. This day and age there are enough rules laws and restrictions in place and for the dumbest things sometimes... leave it be is what I say. Not your problem.

[deleted account]

Nope. It's illegal to smoke on school property/outings here.

I don't care if my kids SEE someone smoking cuz EVERYONE around my house does. I do wish smoking were illegal everywhere though and I will always wish that cuz I don't enjoy coughing all day every day for weeks on end from exposure to just ONE time of second or third hand smoke....

Becky - posted on 10/28/2011




On school property, no, never okay, IMO. Like Chelsey said, if they're waiting to pick up their kids off school property, well, it's up to them.
On a field trip, no, I do not think they should be smoking at all, even if it is an outdoor field trip. Either they are smoking around the children or they are leaving the children they are supposed to be supervising to go smoke.
My kids are going to see people smoke. I may not like it, but it's unavoidable. What I do want to avoid as much as humanly possible is for them to have to inhale that smoke. If they see a person smoking across the street, I'm not put out by that. If a person is smoking while standing in line directly behind them, I want to smack that person.

Christina - posted on 10/28/2011




First I would like to say that I am a smoker. I consider myself a respectable smoker, meaning I feel I and anybody else have the right to smoke, but feel we should take into consideration that not all people do and that it is a very dangerous & highly addictive habit. I do not smoke in front of my children and do not like for other ppl too either. It is a disgusting habit that I would love to stop (and have several times) I will someday soon, just not today…yet!

Question 1: No I do not think it is ok for parents to smoke in front of the school. Smoking is a war that we are losing. Children start younger and younger everyday unfortunately. I don’t believe there is a smoker out there that would say…”Oh smoking’s not bad for you”. Even if you’re a diehard smoker and fight for smokers rights and are ok with smoking in front of your children….I still feel it would be safe to say that MOST smokers know that it’s a terrible habit and wish they never started in the first place and I’m sure hopes that their children will not pick it up. So why would you smoke in front of a school where there are obviously going to be several children, if not for out of consideration for the school…but to the children as well.

Question 2: No I don’t (see answer above)

Question 3: I think its fine for parents who smoke to volunteer for field trips. They shouldn’t be discriminated against, that’s crazy. Again I think it’s important to use discretion on where you choose to smoke (i.e.: in front of them – where they can see you) As long as you go away from the children to smoke on trips and be respectable of the other children that are not your’s then I don’t see any issues.

Question 4: No (see answer above)

Question 5: It doesn’t bother me that people choose to smoke…it bothers me when they think they have the right to smoke anywhere without consideration to anybody. Just because it’s your life and your body doesn’t mean you have the right to smoke wherever you choose to. That’s why the laws are getting more and more stringent. Again if even diehard smokers would realize the dangers (whether they are personally ok with that or not) they should respect other people’s choice too. What if it was something else they (smokers) didn’t feel comfortable with but the other parents were fine with it? You would feel the same way…that it’s fine for them, but respect your choice too :)


JuLeah - posted on 10/28/2011




In front of the school??? No Parents should not smoke in front of their own kids, but other chidlren??? never ... keep that away from my kid

Chelsey - posted on 10/28/2011




If the school has a no smoking policy implemented then don't smoke on their property. If the parent is across the street smoking outside of their vehicle then thats up to them (as long as they aren't throwing their butts all over the ground). If a parent has volunteered for a school function then they can wait until that function is finished and they aren't responsible for other peoples children to smoke. And if they can't wait that long and want to smoke during the function then don't let them volunteer.

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