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I come from a very sporty family (and a very sporty country!) and can't wait until Milla is old enough to pick something to participate in. My Dad taught me to catch a ball as a toddler, and I intend to do the same with Milla.
I played high level representative netball until I got a bad injury at 17 and had to retire :( It was the best time of my life!! It was an outlet for my fierce competitive streak, kept me fit and healthy, gave me something constructive to do through my teens and made me some of my best friends in the whole world.
My brother and I also tried our hand at just about every other sport imaginable - swimming, Little Athletics, surf lifesaving, basketball, water polo, touch football, softball, gymnastics, hockey (and soccer, rugby league, cricket and rugby union for my bro).
What does everything think about the role of sport in childhood??

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Charlie - posted on 07/26/2009




i was never into team sports as a teen or child but i have ALWAYS surfed , surfing is almost a form of meditation for me .
I was also a kickboxer which i loved , it helped calm me as a frustrated teen , kickboxing helped me out so much and was fantastic for releasing pent up aggression.
if my son finds a sport he loves that makes him feel good then i will definatly encourage it !

--- - posted on 07/26/2009




competitive sport is so important when kids are between the ages of 9 and 18 because it helps keep them focused. it has been proven that kids who are involved in sport at least 3 nights a week will have better grades and because of anti doping will stay away from drugs. My husband is a coach so I get to see this in action all the time. 90% of the kids he coaches are honor role and a few have received 100% scholarships for 4 years of university. children who participate in any sport have higher self esteem over all when compared to kids that do nothing. Kids that participate in sports after school have a lower chance of committing illegal activities such as theft and vandalism. My daughter is 4 and she has been active in dance and gymnastics for 3 years and has taken swimming recreationaly.

Lindsay - posted on 07/22/2009




Joy and Traci- My guy is also way into the MMA. It started with the UFC on TV and then he went to the gym for boxing and before I knew it, he was all into the MMA. I don't stop him from doing it because he loves it and it's such a great stress reliever for him but I promise you won't see me down there watching!

Jaime - posted on 07/22/2009




Hey Krista! Another Canadian and so not a HOCKEY mom. I was blessed with 3 girls (not that they can't play hockey) I have absolutely no desire to become a hockey mom. We are also a sporty family, my hubby and I play volleyball through the winter, and he does boxing year round. In the summery months I play baseball through the week with a ladies league, on sundays we are on a mixed team and most Saturdays we play in tournaments.

All my girls are dancers (ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, acro, highland and step) just like a hockey mom there are many practices, competitions and recitals the difference is I am not freezing cold watching them. They also have swimming, soccer, t-ball and gymnastics. But if they ever choose a different actiivity we would stand behind them with that as well!

Traci - posted on 07/21/2009




Yeah, that is really cool. I'm like you, I just could not watch that! When we lived in Okinawa, they had a UFC type event at the NCO club. My husband and his twin were in the ring with Ken Shamrock. (Not fighting! lol He picked them out of the audience to demonstrate a move on them ) We've got pics and everything, it was very cool. Ken told the audience as Dave was getting out of the ring, "Damn, that's a big boy!" LOL Obviously, my husband was more than thrilled when he got home that night. Pretty great.

JL - posted on 07/21/2009




We watch the UFC fights but my hubby really got into training because a few years ago they did this whole thing with the military where MMA fighters and trainers worked with the military training soliders as part of PT and then the Army started a couple of years ago having MMA competitions among the soldiers. My husband does most of the PT training of his unit so he got them into doing MMA stuff and putting his soldiers into the competition. When we moved to Augusta he found out that they have a professional training facility so he joined but because he is deployed so much he does get to consistently train (which I am kind of happy and relieved about..I just could not watch him take part) so he won't compete unless he has been consistently training.

Traci - posted on 07/21/2009



102 you have one of "those" too, eh? haha. Yeah, me too. He was always great in wrestling, and although he's never been formally trained in MMA, at the police academy he fought 300lb'ers who were JuJitsu (sp?) trained and he kicked all their butts and ever since whenever he's watching it, he's longing for those days where he used to fight! LOL They've got local fights all the time around us and he's going to start very soon now that he has the time. I told him I'll back him no matter what he chooses to do, but don't expect me to watch! I'll just be off doing some scrapbooking or something to keep my mind off of it! LOL. I can be a worrier sometimes ;)

Traci - posted on 07/20/2009




We are going to heavily encourage athletics in our kids. I was a volleyball player and I miss it dearly! All Conferece special mention Senior year, baby! LOL That seems like so long ago...ahhh! I also played soccer in high school and basketball and cheerleading in my younger years. My husband did sports his whole life, t-ball, baseball, wrestling ( Greco-Roman), and football. In the Air Force he played rugby, too. Kinda cool. Wrestling was his first love though. Now he's talking about training to be an MMA fighter. Whatever floats your boat, man! is what I told him. LOL He'll kick ass, so I'm not too worried! haha

My daughter is about to turn 7, so next spring she'll be playing softball. I wanted to sign her up this year, but she wasn't so sure about it. Next year I'm hoping to sway her because I think it'll be good for her. My son is going to wrestle at the first chance my husband can sign him up! He's already teaching him some moves, which is cool ;)

ME - posted on 07/20/2009




My son's first woard was "baseball"!!! LOL... My husband and I plan to encourage any children that we have to participate in sports...he was a boxer and I was a dancer...I also have a green belt in Kung Fu...I do hope that my children like to play sports, but I have to admit, that I hope they enjoy sports like baseball, swimming, martial arts, etc...and not american football, rugby, or boxing...all those violent dangerous ones scare the crap out of me!!!

[deleted account]

Krista I think you just jinxed sorry.....That's like saying "MY son will NOT like the WIGGLES. Right lol

Krista - posted on 07/19/2009




I'm not very sporty, but I'm all for my son joining sports when he's older...with one exception. I live in Canada, and in my town, being a hockey player is a real source of pride...and arrogance! I can only think of a couple of guys that I grew up with who played hockey and weren't complete a$$holes! Not only that, but hockey is so expensive, and you pretty much have to dedicate your life to being a hockey mom, with all the traveling for games, early morning practices, etc etc...

I'd love for my son to get into soccer or baseball, but I REALLY hope he doesn't want to play hockey someday, because I'll have a big problem with that!

[deleted account]

Sport can be good for children providing they enjoy what they are doing and don't take it too seriously. If they are a future athlete with natural talent then they will make it without pushy parents forcing them to train every waking hour.

I do have my concerns about the amount of bullying associated with sports teams. I also worry about the bad influences from coaches and team members. Some of them have arrogant attitudes and the rest of the team might look up to them and try to be like them. Most of they boys who were good at football (soccer if you live outside the UK) were like this at my school. I don't want my son to think it's ok to treat people that way, but I don't want to stop him from playing those games/sports if he enjoys them.

Watching sport is much more important than playing it in my opinion. My son has an England football shirt and I put up flags for certain sports events.

JL - posted on 07/19/2009




I was a "tomboy" growing up and I played sports. My dad taught me how to throw and catch a baseball. He played in the minor leagues and when he threw to me he did it full force and he would not let me where a batting glove underneath my mit to dull the pain of catching his fast speed balls...OUCH! I played softball..starting third base with a great line drive hit, soccer..front line, and I was on a competitive cheer squad. I have many fond memories of playing flag football at family events and of my dad coaching both my brother and me when we played ball. We are also huge SEC football fans..ROLL TIDE. My kids have already been groomed to cheer for the University of Alabama.

My husband was also very atheltic and still is. He played basketball and lacrosse. We play soccer and baseball with our kids but honestly my daughter is not very coordinated when it comes to some sports and she is not a fan of being sporty. She is the total oppostite of me as a child...she is very girly. The only sports she enjoys and is actively involved in is swim ,cheer, and dance. I introduce them to different sports but it is up to them it they want to be involved or not.I just want them to be active, healthy, and happy.

Mary - posted on 07/18/2009




I definitely am in favor of sports for children! Growing up, my sister and I both played basketball, soccer and lacrosse. My father coached both my sister and I on various different teams up until highschool. We also rode horses, and competed in shows (I was particualrly fond of jumping!) I think it was instrumental in teaching us teamwork, gave us a great bond with our dad, and according to my mom, "wore our asses out" so we were less inclined to get in trouble!! To this day, my dad and I still share a love of college basketball (go Terps!), and we even had Molly 'watching' the NCAA tournament with us this year ;-). So yes, I plan to start her young, and expose her to a variety of differnt sports, and see what most fits her. My husband, who grew up in a golf-obsessed family, is determined to teach her that as well. It was such a postive part of my childhood, and I hope it will be for Molls as well.

Jessica - posted on 07/18/2009




I was never on a sports team but I did and still do like playing for fun. My kiddos are pretty active. We tried to put my oldest in football but he didn't like getting all sweaty, so he swims. He loves swimming and he's really getting good, hopefully in the next year we'll be able to put him on a swm team. Kylea(5) is my dancer. She loves dancing, singing, performing of any kind really. Christian (3) has just started gymnastics which hopefully help break him out of his shell. Sydney (22mths) is not enrolled in anything yet but will probably do gymnastics when she turns 2.

I think healthy competition is great for kids, it teaches them to be there for others and that it's okay to lose every now and again. It also keeps them moving and we all know more of todays kids need to be up and moving. I think its sad that more kids would rather play video games than play outside being active.

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I'm definitely an "indoor" girl lol I HATED P.E. in school and only joined one sports team (volleyball) in high school. I did like it because for one, I had been asked to join by the coach and some of the girls because of my height. It made me feel good to be wanted in a "circle" for a change instead of always being the loner. I also just liked volleyball. Other than that one time in my life though, and in all the years since, I'm not sporty at all. Steve, on the other hand, was very active. He was on the cross country (running) team in high school. After school, he was a Marine for 4 years and although it's not a "sport", it is VERY physically demanding and he liked that aspect of it more than anything else I think. He doesn't do much physical activity now, except for at work, but we are both on the same wavelength when it comes to Jacob. We will support whatever sport or activity he wants to be involved in. We've agreed that if he wants to play football (or baseball, tennis, whatever), cool, we'll be at all his games cheering proudly. If he wants to join the debate team or be a pianist or a dancer....anything he wants to do (within reason of course lol) we will support.

[deleted account]

My parents encouraged my siblings and I to participate in activities: sports or simply extra-curricular. As kids, we all did baseball/softball. My brother & I played basketball. I continued with track, and then I switched to baton twirling.

Last year when Matthew was 3, I introduced him to gymnastics. He loved it, but didn't listen well and couldn't wait for his turn nicely. We're going to re-visit gymnastics becasue he actually has asked about going back. I have him currently enrolled in a Tots basketball class on Saturday mornings. (We'll get ready to leave in an hour) Then in the Fall he is enrolled in Tots T-ball, and I am also looking into Gymnastics when the Fall schedule of our Parks & Recs comes out. My son also LOVES to golf with my dad. Been golfing with Grandpa for 2 years now, and I know this sounds braggy, but he is quite good at putting and driving the ball. As an only child, I want my son to participate in sports and activities. But NOT to the point of overkill and demanding schedules. He's only 4! I also want him to make the call whether he likes the program or not. I don't believe in kids quitting. I'd rather he sit by the sidelines and watch. Participate if he feels comfotable. But for now, he has embraced the sports programs.

~Jennifer - posted on 07/18/2009




Toa's family are all in to you consider that a sport? ;)

My son loves to watch it, and to go to the shows.....but training for it with a TBI is probably not a good idea for him.... (gee, ya think?) I'm not really sure what kind of sport my son would be able to play.....

My daughter, on the other hand, thinks she's already in the wrestling business, and I'm sure that Uncle or Samu would train her....but that's a ways off.

As far as sports go, I used to play softball and do gymnastics - I'll probably take Autumn to gymnastics...she does love to jump and flip (and fly, if you saw that pic of her), but she's a little too young for organized sports at this point. She has been kicking the ball around with our friends maybe a Soccer (Football) 'career' isn't too far off, and if she turns out as tough as she seems to want to be, there's an endless supply of women's rugby leagues in our area, and Uncle Nik (he's Maori) has threatened to come back from Perth and teach her to play.

I think she's probably going to be the 'sportsman' in our family, along with her dad.

Lindsay - posted on 07/18/2009




I think sports are great for kids! Madeline played T-ball last summer but it wasn't very organized and she didn't get much out of it. Cooper will be old enough to play soccer this fall (3) so I'm for sure signing him up and possibly Madeline if she shows interest. She's wanting to get into dance and I want her to but it's more dedicated, time consuming, and expensive so I'm trying to see how much she really wants to but we will probably try. My dream is that Cooper will be a great football player because I love watching football!

When I was a kid, I played baseball, basketball, gymnastics, cheerleading, swimteam, and volleyball. Volleyball was by far my favorite and I played for 7 years. I hope my kids have my love of sports as they get older because I really think it's a great thing for keeping them out of trouble once they hit those teen years! I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Dawn - posted on 07/18/2009




I too grew up in a sporty family. Was on a swim team when I was 5 same with soccer. I sucked at it when I was little but loved it. Had to quit soccer cause of an knee injury at age 13 but did swimming and track in high school. Where I live there isn't too much but plan on having my kids try different sports and things to see what they love. Wish there was gymnasics (sp?) out here. The only thing that I'm concerned about is other parents and the coach. Had a coach that was very competitive and took the fun out of the game. So don't want that to happen to my kids but I want them to have the exercise that is soo important in their lives to be healthy.

Cara - posted on 07/18/2009




I don't think I have a sporty bone in my body. Love watching it, hated playing it which could come from having a problem with my hips which made it difficult to participate.

I did enjoy netball until it became way too competitive for my ability.

My children are into many things sporty, from swimming, running, dancing, taekwondo, footy, soccer. They obviously didnt inherit their sporting genes from me - thankfully!

I do think it has a important role in childhood but for some it is a painful, embarrassing experience.

Ez - posted on 07/18/2009




It's weird for me to hear people talk about a dislike for sport. Most of my fondest memories and proudest achievements as a kid were playing sport :) But I do realise not everyone is so inclined...

Sarah - posted on 07/18/2009




I am the least sporty person you are ever likely to meet! I hated P.E at school (played truant from every one in the last year of school!)

Sport for me was like ritual humiliation! I sucked at everything! lol!

As for the kids, i will try not to let my negativity show to them. Cadence likes swimming, (even i don't mind swimming!) she also goes to ballet (not a sport as such but it's excercise!) she loves running about and playing on her trampoline and stuff outside. I will try to encourage her as best i can.

For me tho, sport will always just remind me of being teased, coming last and it giving the bullies at my school a good chance to smack me about with a hockey stick! lol! :)

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