Toddlers & Toy Guns

Jo - posted on 01/05/2011 ( 50 moms have responded )




I grew up around guns and my knowledge on gun safety is pretty up to par, but I can't get over the nervousness I feel whenever I see a toddler or even a young child playing with toy guns. I'm not talking about water guns... I mean bang bang you're dead cowboy, cops and robbers guns.

My guy has paintball guns and a BB gun that he keeps at his parents and he has an insanely immature obsession with nerf guns... he's always trying to convince me to let him buy our 2 year old a nerf gun. I really don't see the point of it. I don't think our 2 year old needs to know how to aim and shoot a gun. He says it's just fun, and it's not meant in an "I'm going to kill you" way... I understand what he means but I just can't get over the whole idea that ultimately that's what a gun is for - to kill things.

What do you think about toddlers and guns? Are nerf guns acceptable for toddlers? Or is there an age limit where under 3 is unacceptable but older is okay? Where do you stand on the whole toy gun issue in your household?

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