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Merry - posted on 08/30/2011 ( 58 moms have responded )




Everyone should know not to leave your kids in a parked car in extreme weather, hot or cold, but there's yet another compelling reason to never leave your kids in the car alone!
I was watching animal planet a show called k9 cops I think, and a man was driving home late at night, his three year old daughter fell asleep in the car and he had to stop for gas, he left her in the car to pay the clerk and while he was in sight of th car the whole time' and he was in the station only a minute or two, someone stole his car!
Apparently the thief was just waiting at the gas station for an opportunity to steal a car and he had no idea this girl was in the car and he stole it.
Thankfully the girl was dropped on the side of the road a few minutes and miles away and someone called 911 and she was reunited with her dad. But it could have been alot worse!
So even if it's a beautiful evening, not hot or cold, even if you can see your child the whole time, even if you will only be away literally two minted, and even if they are peacefully asleep, don't leave your children in the car alone!

Or lock the door, idk if he locked the door or not, but still, even locking the door, just don't! Lol I wonder if he left the keys in the car too, that would be stupid, but somehow this dad got the scare of a lifetime and almost lost his girl. I admit I've left my kids in the car in our driveway to run back inside for something I've forgotten but I always lock them in....idk if that's safe but I've done it a d thought it was fine. Now idk, I couldn't imagine how someone could steal my car, but.....

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The ONLY stolen cars here are teenagers out for a joy ride and it happens so rarely that 99% of the people I know not only never lock their cars, but leave the keys in the ignition half the time.

Rosie - posted on 08/30/2011




to me it depends on where you live as well. i live in an area where a stolen car is unheard of, let alone kidnapping.
you take more risk just driving with them than you do leaving them in a locked car for a minute while you pay for gas. car accidents is the number one cause of death for children.
i find the fear surrounding this type of stuff misplaced, and unwarranted most of the time.

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Something very similar happened in my home town when I was a little girl, but it did not end so well. NEVER leave a kid in the car unattended in a public place, even if you can see the car. There is rarely a situation where it is safe.

The incident in my hometown happened at 3pm, broad daylight. The mom stopped for gas after picking my classmate up from school. We lived in a VERY small town--1 school, 1 gas station, everyone knew everyone, etc.
She ran inside to pay (which was common back then before pay at the pump stations) and the man in front of her robbed the station. He pointed the gun at her and demanded her keys, but knowing that her boy was in the car, she refused to hand them over. He shot her in the stomach and killed her.
He then took the keys and the car. He dumped the boy by the road but he wandered into a corn field where he also died of hypothermia.

If she had just taken him inside with her, she could have tossed the robber her keys and all would have been fine, but she couldn't and they both died.

Yes, it rarely happens, but that one of those rare times could be your kid. Is it really worth the risk? Besides, it's not as rare as you would think. Car theft and gas station robberies rarely make the news, but they happen all the time. If you pull records for your town (go to the police department and file a freedom of information form for the stats) you will see that average towns have triple to quadruple digits on these crimes alone. There are rarely kids involved, but that is because we KNOW not to leave a kid in the car.

Anna - posted on 08/30/2011




This will always be a judgement call for me, I can't imagine having a hard and fast rule about it. Really for me, it only comes up when I'm parked in a friends driveway dropping off a lasagna or something. We live in a very temperate, 60 degrees every day climate and I always take the keys with me. If I couldn't pay for gas at the pump I would probably go somewhere else b/c I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving the kids for that long, but I can totally understand other people doing it. It seems obvious to me that you should take the keys with you and if it's too hot to turn the car off then you need to just bring the kids. There are people who lack proper judgement and that's why it's just easier to say don't do it ever, but that doesn't mean that there are no circumstances in which it's safe.

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I would never leave the kids ever in the car..or anywhere.If there being minded by others i also make that VERY clear.(car wise)

Katherine - posted on 08/30/2011




I never leave the kids in the car and if I do I lock it and that's to pay for gas. I'm sorry people make mistakes but that was completely irresponsible.

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