December 2008 Babies

A place for moms of babies born in December 2008 to swap stories and ask each other for advice. Post pictures of your child and make the community and friendly one for all moms of December 2008 babies to enjoy!


Hi New

Hi, I am Mariann and I am due Dec 15th with my second daughter. I was induced with my first so going into labor is kinda scary for me. I live in Belgium b/c my hubby is...


Feeling Anxious

Hi! I'm due Dec 24th. My 1st son was born on the 24th and I deliver a few days early so I doubt they will share a bday. The reason I'm posting is to get some feedback from other...


2 weeks to go!!!!

Hey there I have a 10 yr old, a 15 month old and I am expecting again in 2 weeks time!!!! Any advice from toddler mums who are expecting/already have a baby as well , is very...


I'm new to the group

Hello all, I'm due December 27th and I'm having a little boy! I currently have a little munchkin who is 1 years old and the two of them will be 14 months a part.



Hi All, I'm new to the Circle of Mom's. I'm due Dec 29th, I'm at home on bedrest since I was 26w 5d. I'm just approaching 34 weeks. I'm a nurse, and currently in school...


New to the group!

Hello All! My Name is Colleen and I'm due December 19th with my first. I'm having a little boy, and we have decided to name him Holden Nicholas. I'm really excited about this...


Hi everyone!

Hi there, I'm due on December 9, but they are predicting me to have my daughter Savannah in November! Her estimated weight is 7 lbs 10oz as of Thursday. We have had a pretty...


Just Joined Group

Hello. I am pregnant with my first baby and due on December 19th. I am in my 35th week and the baby still has not turned around. I am having a sonogram to confirm that she is...



My due date for my son is Christmas Eve!!! What a good Chrissy pressie, lol.


hi every 1

hey every 1 does any one know any think about water births??


Natural Childbirth

Hi, I just joined today. I'm pregnant with my first baby, and her due date is December 2. I've chosen to do natural childbirth with a midwife, mostly because I'm afraid of...


Roller Coaster

Is anyone else feeling like they are going crazy with all the emotion is these last two months?


Baby Shower

Sunday is my baby shower. Will you please suggest a game you really enjoyed?


Due on Christmas and not very big.

I am due on christmas day. I am currently thirty two weeks. But im not that big, i went for an ultrasound but havent been to the doctor yet but the tech said everything was fine...


hi all

ive just joined im 34wks+2dys in due 12th of december im having a little girl i already look like im ready to have her now lol


Bed Rest and due December 24

Hi ... is anyone else on bedrest? I have been on bedrest since 22 weeks.... I cant wait to meet my little bundle of joy!!! December cant come quick enough!!!



Hello...I'm Tamara. My little man is due in 36 days, and I cannot WAIT to meet him...It's been a difficult pregnancy, with 3 trips to the hospital and having to manage Type II...