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My baby was born on the 1st Dec 2008. She is an absolute joy to have. I am currently on maternity leave and will return to work in June. I have 2 other toddlers. I cope by taking each day as it comes.

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Adrienne - posted on 04/23/2009




Enjoy your time off just means -- more "Mommy Time". I love mommy time!!!! :) I miss my children so much while I am working.

Tee - posted on 04/23/2009




Enjoy as much time as you can with your little one. My son was born 12/31/08 and I went back to work exactly 12 weeks later because i couldn't afford to stay home any longer. Luckily, my husband works the night shift so he is home during the day with him which saves us a lot of money during these tough times. Nice to meet you and welcome!!!

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