I have a fujifilm without a interchangeable lens.. i want to focus on baby only, everything behind to blur, just get better camera???

Sfudro - posted on 06/03/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




The camera I have seems nice, but I've tried every setting to just focus on the one body or thing and can't get that proffesional look. I have no money, so just wondering if i need to start saving for that new camera with different lenses i will probably need in future. Cannon.. I'm thinking.. any suggestions? Thanks!


Jennifer - posted on 06/17/2012




What you're trying to do is to have what's called a shallow depth of field. What makes that effect is a wide open aperture on your lens. Problem is, your point and shoot camera doesn't have interchangeable lenses, so you're stuck with what's in it.
Here's some tricks you can try, they help some, but you'll never get a really good look without a DSLR and a good lens. Still, you can get it ok.

1. Set your subject FAR away from the background. Easiest is outdoors, with bushes or trees way in the background (like 40-50 feet).
2. Set your camera on maximum zoom in, then back WAY up. You will feel like you're impossibly far away, but as long as you're fully zoomed in, it's good.

Make sure the camera focuses on your subject not the background. You should find the background is a little blurred. Here's a more in-depth tutorial I did: http://www.scrappersworkshop.com/foto-fr...
hope that helps until you can get a digital SLR camera!

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