miss use of cameras in schools and homes

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My daughter became afraid of going to school and bathroom there do to a Para Educator taking nude photos of self in school bathroom and as well found out she was doing same thing at her home infront of her Autistic daughter photos had both mother and child nude in them at her home. the para educator at the fairview elementry school in grinnell iowa was fired forced to resign ,,i feel that charges should have been filed as well as imprisonment wheres the autistic daughters rights the daughter cant speak for self wheres her rights,.. what do you feel should have been done? the autisum society made sure that matters were taken and she was confronted by state but yet again wheres childs rights ...she had been doing this for many years acording to authorities and yet her relatives on force here protected her and she got away with wrongful acts,, what do you feel should have been done? and i see that shes also a member within the circle wich i ignore totally,cause those that would protect a mother that does harmful things with her children as such and within our schools i feel is wrong,,,i have many followers on fb within the autism issues that feel she should have gone to jail and prison and child should have been protected as well again system fails only do to the few that handled her case wich will open again soon...truely saddens me that the child wasnt protected from her actions, but she is not able to work in anouther school again but what about the child truely sad,,,sickens me..

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