Differences in Prenatal Care?

Lindsey - posted on 09/06/2011 ( 11 moms have responded )




I'm just curious...

I went to my Dr. on Aug 25th and they confirmed my pregnancy and that I was almost 5 weeks along. They didn't run any tests, nor even take my blood pressure. My next appointment isn't until October 12 (I'll be between 11 and 12 weeks at that time).

Even with my first, I went to our medical centre's walk-in clinic for confirmation and was told by the doctor on call that family doctor's typically don't see patients until their third month.

As well, I will not meet/see my ob-gyn until my third trimester.

Is it typical in your area to wait until your second trimester for a full exam? Do you meet with your ob-gyn right away, or do you have to wait until you are in your third trimester as well?

How about ultrasounds? Mine is scheduled for December 12th (20 weeks). Here, unless there are complications or concerns, women only have one ultrasound during their pregnancy, at 20 weeks.


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Elise - posted on 11/08/2011




Well, I'm in NZ so it may be different but I went along and was also told I was 5 weeks but because it was sooooo early they couldn't even tell if the pregnancy was viable or not. They could see the yolk sac? or something but I think because they can't even tell if it's viable that that it is likely that they can't actually tell anything from such early scans. In NZ (bar a dating scan if like me you are completely out of touch with your cycles) it is normal to have the first scan at 12 weeks. Also this is my second and they (for lack of better words) don't 'care' or worry as much as your first (unless there was cause for concern or something), so I think if you are healthy then they just let the pregnancy progress. Imagine how much less information and tests mums could have only 30 odd years ago, in my opinion we actually get a hell of a lot of tests and scans etc these days and we are pretty lucky to know so much before bub is born :)

Danielle - posted on 10/30/2011




I was told I was supposed to meet my ob-gyn a lot sooner then I am. But I didn't have a gyno or therefore an ob-gyn. So I kinda was late on the ball but my doctor told me I needed to get in soon when I went to see her for my cough. Um sorry but I don't know any ob's in my area. Thanks to my sister I found one since she was pregnant and is a nurse so she knows who the good doctors are. So I will be 15 weeks when I go in for my first appointment and 16 weeks for my first ultrasound with the doctor. But this is my second ultrasound thanks to a free clinic I went to that used an ultrasound to confirm as well as a pee test.So honestly I wouldn't know but I heard 8-13 week for the first appointment for an ob.

Sarah - posted on 10/28/2011




In the uk we get 2 scans, a dating scan around 12 weeks and the growth scan where they can sex the baby at 20 weeks and bloods are usually taken around the scan dates.

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I had my first appt with the nurse the 20th...and my first ultrasound is the 30th...I was comfirmed on the 23rd of August.

[deleted account]

This is my second pregnancy just had an appointment to confirm it today and all they did was ultrasound...because I had this appointment scheduled before getting pregnant.

Jessika - posted on 09/25/2011




This is my third pregnancy. I always get seen around 10 weeks. I think that is standard. But, I always had an ultrasound the first appointment, and then one at 20 weeks. My OB does one at 26, 32, and 38 weeks. She does this to check the growth of the baby. I met my OB my very first appointment with my first child. If I were you, I would check into a different doctor. It doesn't seem right that you won't meet him/her until the third trimester. I had complications with my second pregnancy, and if my doctor wouldn't have been providing me with great medical care, it would not have been caught.

Molade - posted on 09/25/2011




I saw the ob-gyn at 9weeks and i have anor appointment in 4 weeks when I'm 13weeks. No tests until then though i am booked to see a midwife at 11weeks. This is my second baby

Lindsey - posted on 09/20/2011




Thanks for all of the responses. I find it very interesting how the level of prenatal care differs depending on where you live. My sisters and I live in three different provinces, and the care that each of us received (are receiving) during our pregnancies differs greatly.

Janice - posted on 09/18/2011




Although every practice does vary slightly, 2-4 ultra sounds is average in my area. This is how it goes at my OB and most around here -1st appt at 7-8 weeks with ultrasound to give an accurate due date. 12 week appt may include ultrasound and bloodwork if you want to be checked for possible downs syndrome otherwise its just heartbeat check. Appts are a weight (mom), blood sugar & heartbeat check every four weeks till 30-32 weeks and an ultrasound between 19-21 weeks. 31/32-36/37 weeks go every 2 weeks - 34 week ultrasound to check fetal position and approximate size. Every week the last 4+ weeks. There are 4 OBs at my practice so you do see a doctor every time but only for 5-10 minutes. I live in upstate NY.

Jules - posted on 09/15/2011




I am almost 11 weeks and my next appt and ultrasound isnt until 20 week mark

Ashley - posted on 09/12/2011




I agree this pregnancy which is my third is different. They confermed mine then my first appt. was with a nurse and all my blood work was off site. I go back Wed. So they only had me wait two weeks. I feel like they are waiting longer for everything.

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