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Kathryn - posted on 11/13/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




Birthdays are around the corner. Have any of you thought about presents yet? Do you have any suggestions for some? My first had gotten so much, I am not sure what to get #2.

Though we were due in Jan, Josh was born Dec 22nd. Anyone else dealing with b-days so close to Chtistmas?


Connie - posted on 11/18/2011




Yes! We're a little farther out with Des (he was born on January 10th), but I have a New Year's Day baby (my now-tween), so I understand the problem this could cause! For her, we set a precedence of three family presents from us, plus whatever her friends and the rest of the extended family got her. That kept it down to a small stack. Which was fine, bc she got a big pile at the holidays! :-) But we made sure to make it a separate celebration, no combo!

As for what to get, we're getting the shape-o toy from Tupperware and some MegaBlocks (so excited!). And books! We're doing a photobook for him with pictures of his family (not something he will be able to play with alone, but that's all right. He likes to be read to).

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