January 2010 BABIES  ♥

Born in January 2010!! ♥

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GERD baby and yogurt?

I've been reading that now (6.5 months) is a good time to start introducing dairy, but I'm a little nervous that it's going to make my son feel sick. Has anyone started their...


when was your baby born?

was wondering if any babys were born on the 24th of january 2010, as my son was and i thought it would be a nice idea if any other little babies share his birthday.


Any late walkers?

Hi... I am really happy that finally my little guy started walking on his own. He is almost 15 months old!!!!! It nearly took him forever! Any other late walkers out there???


Every pregnacy really is different.

Hi my name is Sarah. This is my third child and the morning sickness is more like all the time sickness, which is how it was with Emma ( my second). My son Ben ( my first) I...


when is it safe to have sex?

i had my son 5 weeks ago today does anyone know if its okay to have sex?i had my son naturally and my episotomy feel healed im just scared haha


losing the baby weight

having a real hard time losing the 20 pounds I put on during the pregnancy.. any ideas I have been watching what I eat and going to the gym but the scale just stays the same..grr


IUD and me

I had my IUD placed about 3 days ago...even before that I had all the symptoms of pregnancy. I even have them now b/c I took an online pregnancy test. I know it's not as...


Getting baby off of formula

Ok so my baby boy will be 1 the 15th and I am really needing some advice on getting him off of his formula. I have an 8 year old who was never difficult to get off of it and...


Silent acid reflux...

My son was diagnosed at 4 weeks with silent acid reflux and was put on baby zantac 3x a days. It seemed to help at first and now he is 12 weeks and it is not helping him at...


what makes your baby laugh

its so hard to get Olivia to laugh at times and i was wondering what you do to make them laugh?? Olivia will laugh at something for a while but then won't think its funny any...


Wont keep socks on...please help

My girls are 10 months old and they refuse to keep socks on their feet. I have all different types. I normally wouldn't mind that they go bare foot but their feet our ice cold...


smacking gums

my baby is 19 weeks old and i've recently noticed that he's smacking his gums together. what does this mean?


Babies with acid reflux

does anyone have a baby with acid reflux.. my son Nathan had his formula changed, was put on zantac and cereal in his bottle. it doesnt seem to be working. anyone one with...


what helps babies with constipation?

my son has had problems with constipation ever since birth and he is almost seven weeks old. i have to give him kayro syrup just to get him to go, and i have watered down his...


Is your toddler sleeping all night??

My daughter just turned 17 mn and still don't sleep all night!!! She wakes up once every night around midnight. She's in bed between 8:30-9:00 every night. A few months ago she...


How to deal with bad gas!?

I had my baby girl on Jan, 3, 2010.. I was nursing until she was 3 weeks until i had to switch to formula, she has had such horrble gas and i have litterally tried everything.....

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