Baby won't drink water!

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My son is 5m3wks and is eating 2 solid meals a day. Since he's not drinking as much formula I've been trying to give him water but he won't drink it. Anyone else struggling with this?


Melissa - posted on 07/17/2010




Desi has always been good with water but I only give it to her in a sippy. Recently I started buying the Organic Gerber Apple Juice and doing 1/3 juice with 2/3 water and she loves that too. No he doesn't need the water or the juice but unless you are giving that to him to replace the bottle or between meals to pacify him there is no harm in it. I also think you kinda need something to drink with your meals and as long as he is getting 24 oz of formula a day he is getting more then enough nutrients for his age (of course weight is a factor too) you could also try watering down formula with his meals. that may slowly get him use to the water. Hope this helps and good luck :)

Jessica - posted on 07/17/2010




He doesn't need water, he only needs formula. Solids are just supplemental at this point, formula should been his main source of nutrients.


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Sarah - posted on 08/10/2010




As long as he's drinking his formula he's getting the liquids he needs. If he's not urinating a lot either then I would try giving him some juice. I give it to my dughter in a sippy cup. I don't give it to her that much because she does drink a ot of bottles still. But my parents do when she is there because it is so hot she won't eat very much but she will drink water or juice. Good Luck!

Amanda - posted on 08/10/2010




yeah she'll drink it like that....she drinks water she just wont drink it out of her bottle she wants it out of a regular cup

Karee - posted on 08/09/2010




The only way my 7 month old will take water or juice is out of a cup with a straw, she'll drink her milk just fine in a bottle but nothing else and sippy cups just make her angry so maybe try one of the baby cups with the soft straws on it?

Gyani - posted on 08/02/2010




Have you tried juice diluted with water? she just might need some flavour in her water.

Amanda - posted on 08/02/2010




the only way my daughter(6 months) will drink water is out of a big person cup...she will refuse it out of a bottle....

Stifler's - posted on 07/29/2010




YES! My kid hates water too but I push it and he has about 30mL. I also let him roll around with a bottle of it hoping he'll suck on it and some of the time he does. They need water if they are on formula, the nurses at the clinic and doctor told me but it's 42 degrees Celsius a lot of the time in summer here.

Jasmine - posted on 07/28/2010




My little one hates water, he makes a really disgusted face when he tastes it, but I'm not too worried as long as he is drinking his formula, theres water in that anyway, I will try him on apple juice after he tries apples as a solid food first

Kayla - posted on 07/24/2010




Formula First, then half hour later, if you want to try him on some solids then OK, But don't give him solids firsts cause he will fill up on that and as for water its not that he doesn't need it. He doesn't get anything from it. But he could have some in between feeding 1-2 oz. Hopes this helps !!

[deleted account]

yes i've tried putting some juice into it he's just not interested! i think he thinks its more food and he's not hungry! and if he is hungry he gets irritated that its not milk lol. i'm sure he would drink it if he wanted it, and thanks for all the info i just wanted to be reassured!

Aymee - posted on 07/22/2010




yea as long as he is getting 24 oz of milk a day with the solids he is fine! and they dont have a TON of wet diapers a day so much anymore so id look into how many he should be having its very normal to have less wet diapers with solids.

Jennifer - posted on 07/21/2010




My son will drink water like its going out of style if I let him for some reason I know they say formula is enough but on hot days I'm sure it'd be nice to have a sip now and then do you give your baby juice? If you do maybe you can mix like an oz of juice with 3 oz water and just make the juice amount smaller and smaller until it juice isnt even in it? It really seems unnecissary but I prefer my son to like water it is way healther then some other things I am hoping that he has that taste for it later on in life too. My step daughter if you ask her what she wants to drink she will say water most likely instead of juice or pop and she is 8 yrs old lol

Maegan - posted on 07/20/2010




Me too! I just came from the doctor today though, and she told me as long as he is having at least 3 bottles of 8oz he should be fine without drinking water alone. She said, its just for "practice."

[deleted account]

Yea my mon said he's probably just not used to the thinness of the water and to just keep trying and over time he will get used to it. I've heard the formula is enough water too I just wanna make sure he has enough wet diapers because they have decreased since he has less bottles. I also figured that his fruits and veggies also contain a good amount of water so he's getting some that way. I'll keep trying but not forcefully I'm sure he'll get the hang of it

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