How to get rid of the bottle at night and during naps!

Anna - posted on 12/29/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter is almost one and I cannot get her to sleep with out a bottle. Once she gets the bottle she is sleeping with in 5-10min. Her bottle is like her comfort thing. I read that its bad for babys teeth to stay on the bottle after one. We just started her on Half formula Half milk and she is fine with it, but when i try to put it in a cup she wont drink it. I have tried just formula in the cup and just milk she wont take neither. She will drink anything else in it just not milk/formula.. She will stay awake in her crib screaming and crying until i go get her or give her a bottle. I have tried the water in the bottle and she just screams. I have left her in there for 45 min thinking she would cry her self to sleep and she doesnt. I dont know what else to try if anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated. My daughter will be one in about a week.


Diane - posted on 12/29/2010




Hi Anna,

It's really hard breaking these habits isn't it! My daughter wouldn't nap anywhere but in my arms which was fine when she was 6 months old but by the time she reached 2 was getting really wearing!

You're absolutely right about the bottles being bad for their teeth. I've just stopped bottle feeding my son, fortunately without any real difficulties, so I understand your anxieties.

The big question you need to decide is whether it is going to be easier to break this habit now, in 12 months time or when they're 7! If you keep giving in and giving her the bottle back, she's going to learn that screaming the place down gets her what she wants - that's only making life REALLY hard for you when she gets a couple of months older and starts to properly assert her independence.

You need to decide as a parent what you think is the best for her and stick with it. Her job as a small child is to try every trick in her arsenal to make you change your mind. If you are certain you are in the right then you need to stick with it. Put all the bottles completely out of sight so she knows they aren't there any more.

Then you need to prepare yourself for a difficult couple of days. She will try having temper tantrums. She doesn't like change and she doesn't understand that mummy loves her and is looking after her to make sure she has the best possible life.

If she won't go down for her nap then get her back up again. You can always try again half an hour later. When she gets really really tired she may just fall asleep on the floor. Don't just let her scream at bedtime. Go back in about five minutes later. Calm her down, settle her down and try again. Then just go in and tell her it's time for sleep. After that you can go back in but don't say anything.

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Anna - posted on 01/05/2011




Thanks Everyone I Guess I just need to let her cry when she cries and stay strong! Diane I loved your advice and your right the time is now while she is young and easyer to deal with. Tonight is the first night she only cried for 10-15 min! Thanks for the support!!

Amy - posted on 12/29/2010




Try finding a sipping cup that has a soft spout tommee tippee have ones that resemble the look of a nipple and nuby ones are good also.. give her the cup and let her drink it just before she goes to bed and then put her to bed it will be rough for the first week but after that she will forget all about it

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