How are you telling family?

Emily - posted on 01/14/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




We've always just told people pretty much as soon as we've known. With our first, we waited until 12 weeks (because I'd had a previous miscarriage and wanted to be sure we actually had one), then just announced it at a big Thanksgiving dinner.

This time, we've decided to wait to tell for a few weeks. partly because we'd like to enjoy our excitement without having to deal with rude comments from well meaning, but less supportive family members. Also, we've decided that whenever possible, we'd like to tell people in person, instead of over the phone... but we don't live near either of our parents. My in-laws will be visiting when my sister-in-law has her baby in the next week or two... so we'll wait until at least then to tell them. (BTW, my sister-in-law knows already, because she's the most supportive, and she's been my confidant recently... I already asked her and she said she doesn't mind me telling people when they're here for her baby... as long as I wait a day or two.)

Anyway, I've always had a hard time keeping this particular secret... but this time it doesn't seem so bad. So, now that I'm confidant that I don't need to rush out and tell everyone I've ever met... I'd like to be a bit more creative in telling people this time around. Any ideas? How are you telling? How have you told in the past?

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Emily - posted on 02/09/2009




I think that's sad that people aren't supportive of another baby. I grew up in a family of 7 (same parents) and DH grew up in a family of 5. We each have aunts and uncles with at least 6 kids (one of his uncles has 8), and DH's father was one of 10 kids. We both just come from big families and love big families. No one was really surprised when we announced #4... just kind of surprised that it was so soon (especially since DH just started grad school). Thankfully, knowing our families, I don't think anyone will be surprised if we end up with 7 or 8... if we get pregnant with 9 or 10, that may cause some stirrings... but probably not before that. :) And anyone who knows me and knows my family kind of expects us to have a large family.

Jennifer - posted on 02/09/2009




i just tell a few people and it gets around quickly.  this being #5, not many people are supportive so i have closed off many family members.  I won't even tell my kids for a few more months.

Tina - posted on 02/08/2009




With my daughter we bought a picture frame that said grandkids and gave it to the grandparents with a saying the picture area place picture of baby in 8 months.

With this pregnancy we took a pic of the pee stick and sent an email to family and put it on our blog. We just could not wait a couple days to tell everyone!!!!

Sarah - posted on 02/07/2009




For our first, we just told everyone.

With this baby, my son is one, so I had him wear a shirt that said

"Only Child Big Brother"

It took people a little while to understand! LOL.

Charlotte - posted on 01/28/2009




We are in the same dilemma now trying to figure out a way to creatively tell family & friends. Really, we're stumped b/c we're trying to be more clever than last time....

For our first, we had birthday invitation magnets made up. It was clearly a kids' themed invitation with a cute monkey swinging on a vine.
It said "you're invited to a birthday party"
For: our little peanut
Date: Nov 24th, 2007
Time: ???
Place: hopefully not in the car :-)
RSVP: XXX-XXX-XXXXX as soon as you 'get' this

We thought it was very clever, but were amazed when one or two family members couldn't figure out who's birthday it could be (we're both spring birthdays). LOL Everyone else figured it out quickly & were so excited. It was great b/c they called us after reading & we still got to hear their surprise & excitement. Plus, a no-brainer way to remember my due date as everyone had it on their fridge.

Hope this helps...I'll be following along as well looking for some ideas!

Charmaine - posted on 01/16/2009




For the grandparents I sent a necklace for each of them saying grandma, grandpa etc.

For everyone else I sent out a little picture with the ultrasound pic on it and saying that we were expecting and the date etc....................... so I hope that helps you.

Kelsie - posted on 01/16/2009




i didn't want to tell my family...i wanted to wait until they started asking. i have a big family. i have one sister that has always been there for me throughout my pregnancies so of course i told her. well, she told her husband and my other sister. and her husband told my brother who told my nephew and so on. anyways, i ended up just telling anyone who didn't know so i didn't get in trouble for not telling.

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With our first kid we told friends right away but waited for family. I was 10 weeks when I graduated from college so we waited for family to come in town for that. This time we haven't even told my daughter. My sister-in-law just had a miscarriage and I want to be sensitive to her feelings, especially since we weren't having anymore kids. Once I get over the shock and I get to 9-10 weeks we will probably start telling people. I have my first ultra sound in two weeks so that will help ease my mind that all is going well.

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