ECMO Babies and kids

Parents or caregivers to babies and kids that have been on ECMO for whatever reason. For support, for questions, for whatever is needed. This is a non-religous or faith based community.



thought their would be a few more people with children who have been on ecmo


After ECMO

My daughter was on ECMO for the first 14 days of her life. She is now 4 years old and doing great. She's in Pre K and a excellent student. She had a hard start but she's doing...


My Little ECMO baby(:

My Daughter was on ECMO from May 26,2012 to June 4,2012. I'm happy to say that since she has been off, things are still looking up(: She's getting better everyday and stronger...


Hello Members

Hello! Would love to have everyone share their story regarding their ECMO baby or kid.