Epispadias Moms

A place for mothers of children with epispadias to discuss, ask questions and share information on this rare birth defect. After all, epispadias brings fear, worry, guilt and loneliness into our lives. But, together, we can find solice, or at least a little piece of mind.


BNR with a Mit

Bladder Neck Reconstruction with Mitrofanoff. Gabe is 1 month post-op. He's doing very well and is self-cathing now. He took to it pretty fast. He's an incredible kid. Hopefully...

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Helpful links

I've posted several links. Some are different support groups (I'm a member of HEA). One is a mother's blog. I'm hoping to find more blogs to link to. And some are pediatric...

Started by Amanda on 10/14/2010 in Epispadias Moms

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