Erbs Palsy Support Group

My goal is to connect other people who have erbs palsy or parent of children who have it . Post your questions, answers or concerns .


Comming up surgery

My son is going to have surgery he is 5 1/2 months old right now. We will find out the surgery date July 25th. I am nervouse about my child being cut and going under anesteshia...


my daughter has erbs

i had my little girl a month ago and everything was going fine throughout my pregnancy, then my waters broke on the saturday and not much else happened so had to be induced the...


Erb's Palsy; is this right?

Ok so, I'll try to make a long story short. My daughter was born in December. She's my 4th, and labor went really quick. I got to the hospital, the Doc checked and saw I was...



Hi, my name is Sara. My daughter has Erb's Palsy. Trying to find support groups.


Nerve surgery

They are suggesting nerve surgery at nine months for my baby has anyone gone through this?


New to the Group

Hi! My daughter is almost five months and has Erb's Palsy. She still is barely using her biceps, so she may need surgery on July 12 (the neurosurgeon will let us know his...


4 years of erbs palsy

I just wanted to say that today is my daughters 4th birthday . She has erbs palsy on her right arm . You can see her in the group photo wearing a sleeping harness . That harness...