Exclusively Pumping

There are a group of us there that for what ever reason have chosen to exclusively pump. We are a special group of woman, with special questions and not a whole lot of places for answers. Perhaps we can get answers and support from one another.


has anyone gone on a plane while pumping?

My husband ,our 2 children and I are going to see our family and I pump for our 4.5month old daughter who has a cleft palate. The plane ride will be around 9ish hours. I was...


Milk supply tips.

My boyfriend and I decided to Exclusivly pump, its what I wanted but he wanted to wait till my supply was up.. My problem is. I pump every 2 hours, and get 2-2.5 ounces but...


Starting from scratch

Ladies, My milk supply went down once I came back to work (She was about 2 months ) then a few weeks ago, it became non-existant. I've tried the fenugreek, blesses thistle and...


New to this community

Hi Everyone! I have a 4 month old son who I EP for and I'm always looking for new ideas or tips for pumping. Hoping to become an active member here :)


Need advice from veteran Pumpers!

First off I'd like to say Hello to all of you ladies! I am a first time mommy and my LO is doing great! I started out breastfeeding Carley, who is now 8 weeks old, but due to...


pumping and supply problems

Need advice from other pumpers out there- my son is 3 weeks old and he has some oral motor difficulties (we're working on some physical therapy to help his problems, but we...


please help!

I am pumping to feed me baby boy, we have not ever been able to actually breastfeed together. He is 8 weeks old. I have a BIG fear of drying up! I have to admit I don't pump...

Started by Jennifer on 01/07/2011 in Exclusively Pumping

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Pumping for Twins

I have 1 month old twin boys that I am exclusively pumping for because neither one of them will bf. They were born 5 weeks early and both had trouble latching. I've pumped...

Started by Brianna on 10/29/2010 in Exclusively Pumping

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breast pump

currently i am using lansinoh manual breast pump but i pump every 3 hrs n i need a double pump, preferably electric n cannot decide on one! plz help! wit manual i get between...


milk supply

I have been pumping for our 7 month old daughter since day 3 when we found out she had a cleft palate and couldn't nurse. I have had to start suplementing formula because she...



So my son is 6 weeks old and I have been pretty much exclusively pumping for a while now. He eats about every three hours during the day and every 4-5 hours at night. My...


8 months EPing and milk is drying up?

I've had no problem with my supply while EPing for the last 8 months, and now every time I pump I'm coming up and ounce short. I've changed nothing. Still eating plenty,...


Hello everyone! Some tips?

Hi everyone! Just wanted to start off by saying I'm so glad I found this group! So far, my son has chosen not to BF so here I am! As for some tips, I'm open for any! What kind...


Freezing EBM?

What do you freeze your EBM in? I have some Lansinoh freezer bottles but will soon have them all filled.


Pumping Breastmilk

I have posted this to another group, but I thought could get some good insight here. Background: My daughter is turning 5 months old in a week. When I go to work, I pump 3...