Babies moving out there?

Nicole - posted on 08/13/2011 ( 8 moms have responded )




I'm over 19 weeks now and I'm still waiting on baby movements. It's so strange. They say the more babies you have, the earlier you feel them but I seem to be the opposite. My first I felt at 14 weeks but now with the 4th, still nothing! Well, I have a few odd moments a few times a week that might be the baby. But just as easily might not be. Eagerly waiting here!


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Bernadette - posted on 09/09/2011




I felt my first at 14 weeks, didn't feel my second until 18 or 19 weeks. I had also heard that you feel the first later, and the second earlier but obviously it's not always that way for everyone. My first was an extremely active baby and, once I finally felt him, so was my second! Once he started, he didn't give it a rest.

Melanie - posted on 09/05/2011




with my second i felt sooner, but the best way to feel baby is to lay on your left side and relax. whenever i would be worried about baby moving i would do that and wait a few minutes and they would start bouncing around.

Jessica - posted on 09/02/2011




Maybe you have an anterior placenta? I've been hearing recently of ladies around 19 weeks saying that they haven't felt the baby yet, and when they have the ultrasound the baby is going nuts in there, but they don't feel it. The Dr says it's from the placenta being the way it is that it's cushioning the kicks. If that were the case, it would probably be another few weeks before you feel the baby.

Tiffany - posted on 08/29/2011




if that were true, the duggers must be feeling the babies at conception!

you'll get there mama :) maybe you just have a lazy baby, my daughter didn't move until about 22 weeks

Nicole - posted on 08/25/2011




That's great Theresa! I'm still not feeling this baby much. I had my 20 week ultrasound last week and it was moving though I didn't feel it. So I don't know. Still waiting! Doctor said to enjoy my "quiet" because it was moving so much.

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I am 18 wks soon to be 19 wks and this will be baby #2 and I have been feeling this lil one since 13 wks. With my first I felt her at 15 wks. and now that its thundering outside I am getting pelted like crazy! So I know he/she is healthy! In two weeks we find out what we are having :)

Tessa - posted on 08/15/2011




i never felt my 1st as i was 37wks when i found out i was pregnant, but my other 3 kids i felt from 8/9 weeks, doctors think i have a sensative womb, but i'm expecting number 5 and have felt movement since 7weeks (i'm now 13 wks)

Rachel - posted on 08/14/2011




I felt it sooner this time. With my first pregnancy it was around 20 weeks, this time it was at 16 weeks. BUT I have noticed less movement in the last 2 weeks (I'm 19 weeks). My doctor said it's too early to be concerned about it, but I'm hoping she'll start moving more soon.

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