Bentley Phillip-Mack Rendon is here...

Sarah - posted on 10/29/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




so for the whole nine months i had my due date wrong ha it was nov 8th when i was thinking it was on the 5th. i was suppose to have a repeat c section on oct 28th but i started itching all over and unable to sleep so i told my doc at my 36 week check up and she took blood and a few hours later called me telling me to go to the hospital asap they want to do 24 hour testing cause my liver levels were high. i ened up going home the next day. the doctor had me come in at my 37 week i told her i was itching more so she did the same test again and called the next day saying i would go ahead and have baby the next day. due to Obstetric-Cholestasis

so Bentley was born 20 days early on 10/20/10 @ 12:22 he weighed 7 pounds 13 ounces `19 1/2 inches long. a big baby for being 20 days early lol. hes such a great baby and his big brother is so good with him!! good luck to all the expecting mommies!

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Casey - posted on 10/30/2010




Congradulations I'm so glad everything went well for you and he arrived safe and sound all be it a little bit early, I love his name it's very cute. Hope your feeling well and not to sore, goodluck and I hope his a good little sleeper for you :)

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