packing the hospital bags..

Brandie - posted on 02/01/2011 ( 15 moms have responded )




what are some important things to pack before labor?


Amanda - posted on 02/03/2011




I say nothing from home except your shower stuff and an outfit to wear home and something for baby to wear home. I say this because you bleed a lot and accidents happen. I used the hospital's gown n stuff cause they wash them lol.. as for clothes when ppl visit. I didn't have to energy to get up n get dressed n look pretty for them.. wat they saw is wat they got. this is after baby look lol. n you don't wanna bring a lot of stuff that you might forget. diaper bag. not really neccessary. they give you as many diapers as you need while you are there. and you proabably can ask for more b4 you leave.. all the necessities are there for you. nothing extra.. besides you'll only b there for a couple days ne ways. with my second I was there 24 hours. n didn't take ne thing except an outfit for me n my daughter. GOOD LUCK!

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If I were to pack my bags for the hospital I would pack warm socks, comfortable sleepwear/clothes, slippers and bathrobe. A boppy for breast feeding, the babies going home outfit, and a camera/video camera. Also, anything you may want to have for showering or after showering like make-up, blow dryer, flat iron. Some woman care about the photos in the hospital and refuse to have them taken before they become "presentable" while others don't care. Pack what you feel you would want to keep yourself comfortable after birth and anything that you want the baby to immediately have.

I found this website which may help

[deleted account]

Mary it depends where Brandie is as to what the hospital gives you, for us they gave us a couple of nappies as we needed premie ones and didn't have them but other than that (and the maternity pads without wings) we had to provide it ourselves, so not all hospitals do give people stuff for free :-)

I forgot one thing on my list for mum a hot water bottle, I had back labour and after pushing found muscles I never knew existed, the hot water bottle was a god send (we had a kettle in our room so we could keep it warm). I will definately be packing that this time.

[deleted account]

For baby
~ Clothes (sleepsuit, vest- a couple of each)
~ Something warm to take baby home in (cardi, snowsuit depending on the weather where you are)
~ Hat (the hospital gave us one because we didn't have one)
~ Blankets (although you can use hospital ones)
~ Nappies
~ Cotton wool (for washing the baby and changing nappies)

For You
~ Camera
~ Nightie (no waste band rubbing on your tummy then - it may be sore even if you have a vaginal birth)
~ Slippers
~ Big pants - the bleeding is really heavy after and the maternity pants my hubby brought which were huge (over the bump ones) were incredible the most comfy pants ever!
~ Snacks (hospital food sucks)
~ Shower things (you will want to wash after giving birth)
~ Phone and charger to let people know your good news
~ Clothes and shoes to go home
~ Maternity pads have a couple of packs you may go through one in a day or two (I did) - I sent my hubby to buy some from the shop because the hospital ones didn't have wings and I can't do sanitry towels without wings (make sure they are maternity ones though you need the absorbency).

Amy - posted on 02/03/2011




i only packed stuff to drink/snack - clothes to wear home and outfits/blanket for baby. car seat was in and good to go. i wore hospital gown because i didn't want extra laundry when i got home. Especially if it's the first - you may have tons of visitors. Remember you have to pack home all that junk AND what you brought. Don't over do it. Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo. If you really want to go through all that with your hair, go for it. I just pinned mine up in a twist and said done with it. My sis said a nice robe or pjs. was easier for me to nurse in the gowns they gave me.

Hospital gave us diapers/wipes - but maybe pack a few to make it home in case they don't. they gave us the nose bulb thing. also gave me disposable panties - and they also put water on, and froze pampers baby diapers to put as an "ice pack" on my crotch after. i was like, oh, inventive and it stays in place. lol.

but i may not be the best person. I am not for packing anything more than NEEDED. And I left the hospital 24 hours after giving birth to my son. I just wanted to be home and felt great. loved it.


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Susan - posted on 02/23/2011




I was all set for me when i had my son knew i would only be there 2 days in everything went well so i brought pj pants (cuz you wont be back into jeans right after birth) a few t shirts, socks and granny underwear (both unopened). However for my son i didnt think lol i ended up relying on gifts from people for him. What u wanna pack for baby is an outfit depending on weather to go home in, an outfit to get pictures done in (they sometimes do professional photos in the hospital) and baby gloves unless of course where u are delievering doesnt supply everything u are gonna need for the baby then u need to bring the basics like diapers, wipes, vasline, guaze pads (if you are having a boy and getting him circiumsized), bottles(unless u are breastfeeding) formula (again unless u are breastfeeding), blankets big enough for swaddling, and if they dont supply clothes for baby then a few sleepers (they are so much easier to work with on a newborn then actually outfits).

Jannelle - posted on 02/20/2011




Mary, I never said I brought a blow dryer. I simply stated that some women like to. I've talked with people in real life who did bring things like flat irons and blow dryers. When I went into labor with my son I brought myself and what I was wearing, my husband, and the carseat. I left with hospital goods and gifts from friends and family.

Mary Renee - posted on 02/20/2011




That's true, I guess it depends. I delivered at Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children in Honolulu, Hawaii.

I did call the hospital before hand to find out if they provide shampoo for showers. You can call, they should be happy to help you.

Cyndel - posted on 02/11/2011




Underwear and socks, the two things I forgot!
I plan on buying a small pack of underwear and socks and put them into the bag unopened lol! I don't want to forget those again!
I delivered at a maternity center were they send you home 6-12 hours after delivery depending on when you deliver, they wont send you home at 3 am just because you delivered at 9 pm, lol. So I don't know for the long haul, I brought my own shampoo and body wash, hair brush, contact stuff, food (they have a full kitchen but you bring your own food and drinks) and a change of clothes, plus baby's stuff.
I hope this helps

Stifler's - posted on 02/10/2011




The hot pack/hot water bottle is a must! It was a lifesaver even after the birth I kept warming it up and putting it on my back where the contractions hurt.

Mary Renee - posted on 02/09/2011




If you plan to breastfeed, I would bring ONE nursing bra. Wait until after to buy anymore because your size will change. I enjoyed having a nursing bra so my boobs had a little support when they were gigantic and engorged. I stayed in the hospital gown the first day - didn't change into loose comfy, breathable, button down the center (again, for breastfeeding) until the second day.

Your first shower will be the best shower of your life, haha. They're provide you with soap but maybe not shampoo and conditioner and if you want to shave your armpits and brush your teeth bring a razor, tooth brush, and tooth paste. Maybe bring a towel too, they'll give you those white hotel ones but those are always small.

You'll probably want your camera to take photos, and your cellphone to call friends or relatives. My daughter was taken away from me after birth and my boyfriend went with her and he was taking photos of her with his cell phone and sending them to me the whole time! It was nice because I was anxious to see her but was still delivering the afterbirth and being sewn-up, etc.

I brought books and magazines in case I got bored during labor (HAH! You can tell I'm a first time parent!) I did NOT get bored. I was in pain and just watched the TV they had in the room.

I also brought slipper to wear on my feet when I moved around and an outfit to bring the baby home in. I also brought baby gloves to prevent my baby from scratching herself.

THE CARSEAT! That's the main requirement because they won't let you bring the baby home with out it.

Oh, but otherwise, the hospital provided me with EVERYTHING. They gave me diapers, wipes, a nasal syringe, vaseline as a diaper rash cream, antiseptic wipes for the umbilical cord, a few little baby shirts, a baby hat, pads (you bleed alot), a sitz bath, ice packs (for down there), they even gave me a manual breast pump, breast shields, sample sizes of Lanolin and containers for my pumped milk. That might have been partially because my daughter had to stay an extra night for elevated bilirubin levels and I was determined to breastfeed... but it's worth it to ask for anything because they might give it to you for free - I told them one of my nipples was inverted and hurt and that's how I got the free breast shields.

I brought clothes to wear home from the hospital but I was still big so be prepared! Bring something comfy like fold-over yoga pants and a shirt you can breastfeed in.

As for people who talked about bringing a blow dryer... haha, that's ridiculous! You're becoming a mom, those days are over. I mean, I chose to room-in with my baby and breastfeed so I was so completely exhausted that blow drying my hair was the FURTHEST thing from my mind.

Some of these list on here seem excessive, you want to be able to throw the free stuff the hospital gives you in your bag... you're only there for 48 hours after the baby is born, haha. I only needed one pair of PJs and one pair of clothes (different than what I wore in there) Don't bring diapers or wipes, they will give that to you at the hospital.

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When I had my daughter, I packed a robe,a Change of clothes to go home in, an outfit for my daughter to go home in,Toothpaste,toothbrush,deodarant,camera,granny panties(cause you will need these,get cheap ones cause they will get ruined) Pads,A blankey for the baby,and thats about it.
Ive seen alot of lists say you should bring a book or something to keep you occupied,but I didnt even read the book I packed in my bag, cause I was too busy recovering from my c-section and watching my daughter.

Stifler's - posted on 02/07/2011




I took:
3 maternity bras
4 pairs of button up pyjamas
a heat pack
lollies for labour
red cordial.
lots of maternity pads!
mobile phone
mobile phone charger
baby wipes
4 wondersuits
a cute baby hat
small pack of baby toiletries in case someone stole them
panadol in case the nurses don't come around or you forget to ask
10 pairs of undies.
going home clothes and shoes

Ianina - posted on 02/02/2011




Disposable panties. I read that is the best way to go after giving birth, naturally or c-section.

[deleted account]

this might sound silly - but some nice-ish clothes to wear after baby is born! When i was in labour, leaving my house for the birthing centre at almost 9cm dialated i really didnt give a damn about what i wore, and had a crusty pair of track pants and my partners shirt. after she was born and our families came to visit, that is the only thing i had to wear! i looked ridiculous and i always laugh when i see the photos. this time im gonna take a nice maternity top and black pants =)

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