what is the best cream for strech marks


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Tameka - posted on 09/13/2012




i used baby oil with my first 2 i didnt have a single strechmark but i forgot with my 3rd and i have paid for it i am lucky they werent too bad and have faded

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I didn't get them until I was 7mths preg... just angered me!!! I used Palmers products, hated them all, could not stand they way they smelled, even the non scented ones.. just gagged me...but my sister used coconut oil and she didn't get any.. P.S. I did give up on moistruizing once I got further along, because I was big and tired, and if it wasn't a pure liquid, I could not even reach all the places to rub on a butter anymore..

I am 5mths preg now and I use coconut oil, and other shea butter creams too, just to sort of prevent more from coming..

But after I had my daughter, I used Ambi (didn't want to use this one while preg, forgot why) and after loosing the weight, they were barely noticeable..My hubby was surprised...

[deleted account]

Coconut Oil..but the thing about stretch marks is you have to keep up with the moisturizing, and it's going to be different for every woman.. the moment you go dry and scratch and forget, here they are....

Morgan - posted on 08/25/2012




They say there is no way to prevent them as they are hereditary but I used palmers belly butter throughout my pregnancys and didn't gain or lose weight super fast. Then in the last month of my last preg I got a huge one on my belly and have been using mederma scar treatment and it looks alot better. I've had them on my hips forever and they are barely noticeable.

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