Toddler torture

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My daughter will be three on February 1st. She still uses her binky/pacifier ( I think its her safety crutch of sorts). I do have to admit I also use it to calm her down because she gets screachy sometimes when she's tired. Suggestions?

She tells me "poo poo" after the fact, but she still hides when she defecates so I know she's not really ready. I'm so tired of chasing her around the house to change diapers. She'll sit on the potty if I'm with her, but I can't sit with her all the time because sister needs attention too. I'm going to enroll her in daycare part time which may help as well. Earlier this last year, she decided to finger paint the house with stool twice (I think she was mad at her father for not paying attention to her since she only did it when he the only parent home). I tried putting her in panties. She just urinates & then I later find the puddle by stepping in it. I don't want her little sister crawling in urine before I catch her. She's getting good about flushing and washing her hands when in the bathroom, but not really putting her pee & poop in the toilet. I have the small potty & the potty seat that fits on the regular toilet. I've also bought her toys that she gets if she does go in the potty & we all clap for her too. I'm just not sure what else to try. I know every child's different, but for those moms who are done potty training helpful hints would be nice.

I think she might also have some maturational speech delay. She understands when you tell her to get a specific thing or follow some direction, but she uses more nonverbal communication instead of talking. I've already discussed this with her doctor & we are waiting to get a speech therapy consult appointment.

She is constantly testing me to see if I'm setting boundaries & I'm not consistent (I am often exhausted from working 3p-3a and literally a walking zombie). She will listen and calm to strangers giving her direction, but not me. Very discouraging actually. I'm trying to work on this since I know I'm the opposite extreme of my parents. Time outs do seem to work, but how do you use time outs when you're out doing errands, because tapping her on the hand sure doesn't. She'll also get up in my face, pointing her finger and going off in baby language.

I don't think she is hyperactive since she can sit and look at books and play quietly, but I think she might have problems sitting for extended periods of time if she's bored. I'm trying to get her school ready.

Would 1/2 daycare 5 days a week be too much? I'm exhausted & I just don't know what to do anymore. I want her to be well adjusted, happy and healthy. Good suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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My daughter will be 3, 22 feb and it has only been in the last 3 weeks that she has started to use the potty. My 5 yr old was toilet trained at 18mths i thought no problems my daughter would be too. Not the case i tried at least 5 times previous she also just wet her pants and seemed to not care to walk around in wet underwear. i had two weeks breaks in attempting toilet training. for some unknown reason it worked only 3 weeks ago. so far wee is fine however she has demanded nappy for poo. My friends daughter was the same and eventually at 4.5years was fine. im still working at it. i have a "On the Potty Book" I read to her regulary maybe that helped. I send her to daycare 1 full day a week because she was clingy and doesnt seem to socialise with other kids. Its working and its great. not sure about 5 half days as havent done it. My son has speech problems and writing problems in the first 4 weeks of kindy they picked this up and put him on the waiting list of joondalup developement it took 10 mths it is free and he has started weekly ot. he is also on the 12mth waiting list for speech therapy i havent been contacted but when this will also be free not wage assessed. Hang in their it will all work itself out. However i understand the stress.

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