When is the next well-child visit (in the USA)?

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I was wondering how many well-child/ check-up visits to the doctor are usually done in the USA in a child's first three years or so? My twins were born in Ireland so I am not sure what the usual is here, or whether it depends on the doctor. As the kids are healthy (Thank G_d!), they don't go to see the doctor other than for vaccinations and so I want to know if I should make appointments for them for a check-up? They had their one year check-up and vaccinations in February of course, and everything was fine.

In Ireland, there would be a 18 months visit to check on development (walking, hearing, speech etc), weight and height etc, and then another vaccination visit at 2 years and 3 years. Is it the same here?

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Nichole - posted on 05/30/2009




Well I just took my daughter to her 15 month check up and they gave her a shot, and they will follow up with another at her 18 month in the end of august -- then they are good until you hit 2, I think! (AND that is the way the dcotors have them set up here in Vermont!)

Tana - posted on 05/26/2009




my doctor had us come in at 15 months and we go again at 18 months to finish up vaccinations. Then at 2 and 3 yrs just to check development...but you should ask your doctor.

Melissa - posted on 05/18/2009




My doctor gave me a list that included a 15 month check up then the 18 month check up. I forget what is next. You might want to call & ask your doctor what their schedule is.

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