February 2010 Babies

Moms with babies born in February 2010

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bad morning sickness

hi i'm kelly and having my 6th bub, and i have never had morning sickness so bad before this one 12 weeks along and still feel sick all day. has anyone esle


Spots in babies mouth

I have been noticing that my baby is getting white spots in her mouth where it looks like the formula is staining her mouth. Has anyone else seen this in their child or should...


Can your baby eat oranges yet?

I keep trying my boys (13 months) on oranges, but they get a nasty diaper rash every time. Has anybody been able to give their little one oranges?


Scared to have another baby

Hey Girls... I just wanted to see if anybody out there was scared to have the next baby. I know that I will want another baby but I'm terrified. I had my first on the 24th of...


Baby acne?

my baby has acne on his face, i know its common but is there anything i can do to help it go away?


Holding on to pregnancy weight?

This is more of a question than anything. How many people just cant seem to get rid of the weight they gained while pregnant? Is it hard for you to get motivated to exercise?


Anyone else's baby moving constantly?

Hi This is my second pregnany and I was just wondering if anyone with babies due in Feb had babies that moved around constantly? I read online that they are asleep 90-95% of...


getting my son a bike?

me and my husband is thinking about getting my son a bike for his birthday he will be three..is he to young?what would be the right type of bike/


baby fell out of crib

i am posting this to help other moms avoid some of the sheer painic i went through last night. my daughter who is almost 10 months tried to climb out of her crib (wich is on the...


Daytime schedule for 8 month old?

My Kylie is finally starting to shift over to two naps during the day (morning and afternoon) but now I'm not so sure as to when to breastfeed her and give her food. It seems...


How to get baby to sleep in crib?

Matthew has been sleeping with me....yes I know, I know...heard it all already! :) Anyhow, I need to make the transition to his crib and I don't know how. I've tried putting him...


Christmas Gift Ideas?

Hello Ladies! I am in need of some Christmas gift ideas for my little girl. I am wondering what some of you will be getting for your babies and what are the must have toys?


bleeding after childbirth!

hey guys, i bled for like 7 or so weeks after having Yonah, then i stopped about 2 weeks bled again stopped 2 weeks and now i'm bleeding more!!! i can't take it!! is anyone else...

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