February 2010 Babies

Moms with babies born in February 2010

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Any suggestions to deal with Colic?

I have a 7 week old with Colic and my husband and I are going crazy!! Any suggestions for remedies or ways to deal with it? Our 1st son also had Colic but the things that worked...


Exercise after c-section

Hi, I would like some advise on what sort of exercise I can do 11 weeks after having a c-section. I am getting so bored of walking everywhere. My husband bought me a Wii fit for...


baby fell out of crib

i am posting this to help other moms avoid some of the sheer painic i went through last night. my daughter who is almost 10 months tried to climb out of her crib (wich is on the...


bleeding after childbirth!

hey guys, i bled for like 7 or so weeks after having Yonah, then i stopped about 2 weeks bled again stopped 2 weeks and now i'm bleeding more!!! i can't take it!! is anyone else...


Grunting and kicking during sleep

Hi, My 10 week old grunts and kicks in her sleep. It is usually bad in the morning. She has her eyes closed and she makes awful grunting sounds. She sometimes makes the same...


Is your kid possessive about mummy?

My little boy is very possessive about me and gets very uneasy and starts acting differently when he sees me and his dad doing any serious talk. He just gets in starting...



What's the developmental progress of your now 3 year old?


Birthday Party Ideas

what is a good theme for a 1st bday party in the middle of winter? i am obsessed with ladybugs and wanted a bday party with that theme but not that i think about it ..it may not...


My little man turns one today!!

Wishing my very gorgeous little man a very very happy 1st Birthday!!! To celebrate the fact it's his first ever Birthday, he took four very big steps all on his own to cuddle...


Weight at 8 months old - smaller babies

I keep reading about bigger babies and wonder if I'm alone with a smaller baby. Payton's a happy, healthy 15.5 lbs at 8 months old. I try not to get worried about her weight but...


walking on tip toes??

My little one has started walking on her tip toes this past week. I am wondering if this is normal, she is my first baby. Do any of your kids do this? Does it pass? Any reason...


Baby Sign language

Hi! I have a 5 1/2 month old and I wanted to try some baby sign language. I got an email about it and am learning some basic signs. But I was wondering if anyone else has tried...

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