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Maria - posted on 02/05/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hi ladies, Kody will be one on the 22nd Feb and i'm getting concerned about his development. I had a letter from the hospital listing all the things he 'should' be doing by the time he reaches one, for example if you say 'get the ball' he should know what it is and go get it. My son wouldn't have a clue what this meant!! It also said he should be able to wave bye bye, and he won't.
I'm also worried about what he's eating, he's still on the baby jars of food (for his age group) and this week i've started giving him toast in the mornings, which he loves, he'll also eat jacket potatoe with pasta, but if i tried to give him a proper meal he would just heave on it, even if it's cut up really small. He's started self-feeding his toast, but i have to give him a piece at a time, if i was to give it all to him he'd just play around with it and throw it on the floor instead of eating it. The only reason i'm getting concerned is because i have a lot of friends with babies at 7-8 months and they can eat sausages and all sorts! He just seems to be so far behind what all their babies are doing!
He's crawling and pulling himself up, walking around the furniture etc and looks like he'll be walking any day soon.... have i been keeping him as a baby for too long instead of leaving him to it or is there something wrong with him? I'm expecting my second baby now, so maybe it's just my hormones that have me worrying so much, I don't know! If you have any advice i would be very greatful! Thank you!


Sheila - posted on 02/08/2011




Ah Maria - don't worry hun, these 'milestones' are pretty open, all babies develop differently but they'll all get there. My little one has just turned 1, and although she'll wave bye, and enjoys throwing her blocks around and will happily collect them, she has only just started crawling...so I'm not worried - she'll get there as will all our gorgeous little ones.

Taylor - posted on 02/07/2011




dont worry! sounds like he's right on track! my daughter will be 1 on the 28th and would have absolutely NO clue what "go get the ball" means.. and our pediatrician said she is very ahead developmentally for her age. she will wave byebye, but only 30% of the time. no worries!!
sounds like he's doing everything he should be, maybe he's just stubborn about changing eating habits or a picky eater!

Cheryl - posted on 02/06/2011




Hi Maria, bless you, don't worry, these 'norm things to be doin' are give or take a few months and they r individuals too :-) (congrats on expectin soon again- i am too!!) My daughter is 1 on the 25th, she enjoys cut up food but not particularly a dry dinner so i tend to put a gravy or a baby cook in sauce with it which she then seems alot happier to chew and swallow......
She will eat finger foods of toast, organix biccies and snacks and also soft boiled veg(broccoli, cauliflower and courgettes r particular faves) Have you tried just givin these inbetween meals just as a snack so that if he does just throw it on the floor it doesn't particularly matter if he eats it but will still get the experience of feeling before tasting??
My daughter does play a little with her food and most of the finger foods does end up on the splash mat as i think she finds it quite overwhelmin there bein so much on a plate but obviously she needs to get used to that so i do give her it all and some will be eaten, some on mat etc and when there is none left on plate i pick it off the mat (clean!!) and put it back onto her plate where some will be eaten,some on floor etc til she has finished!!
She can also feed a spoon with good control into her mouth and balance food on it but guess wat shye can't/won't do?? - crawl or bum shuffle!!! She will stand and hold onto me/sofa but i have to put her there, she can't get there herself and still looks like she has no intention to!! They will do it in their own time for sure :-)

Rachel - posted on 02/05/2011




First of all hun dont worry he will develop on his own time. my daughter just turned 1 on friday and she is advanced with walking and other stuff she still does not eat regurlarly she loved gold fish and gerber puffs those seem to be really good for them to learn to self feed with. she is my second and i never had these problems with my first he ate everything. also i would just working on telling him what everything is when he picks things up or is playing with them that is what i did with my son and am doing with my daughter. good luck

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