fetal heart beat into gender?

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i am now 34 weeks this wednesday and for insurance reasons we have not found out the gender of our baby yet. i wanted to get some insite from moms on what they think about the heartbeat of my baby! :) i have come to the comclusion that most think my belly looks like a girl but i was in the hospital for contractions and was thinking about the heartbeat.

at 10 weeks it was 179 bpm
at 14 weeks it was 164 bpm
November 19th it was 153
at 34 weeks it is 133 bpm.

first it seemed like a girl and now it seems like a boy "wives tale wise" so what are your personal views on my gender?? :)


Farheen - posted on 02/24/2014




i am running 25 weak running and my baby heart beat is 130 what may be the gender

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Tanya - posted on 01/27/2011




I think it's a girl! When she had lots of room to move, she was up high. Maybe she was sleepy this last time :)

Brittany - posted on 01/18/2011




My son and daughter (my son is now 17 months and I'm due Feb. 1st with my daughter) had the same heart rate. My belly shape was relatively the same except this time it's a little bit wider and I gained a backside lol. I can't really find any wives tale that works with any kind of accuracy, they're just fun to mess with. :-)

Cara - posted on 01/18/2011




Laura, The chinese birth chart said mine would be a boy but I'm having another girl. That one was actually right my first pregnancy but not this time. It's kinda weird because with my first most gender predicting tales proved true. Altho the "heartburn = head full of hair" thing was SOOO not true lol

Laura - posted on 01/18/2011




All of they old wives tales and the Chinese gender test pointed to mine being a girl but 3 ultrasounds say boy so I don't have any faith in the wives tales anymore :)

Cara - posted on 01/18/2011




I found the wives tales to be very untrue this time. My first daughter always had a heart rate of 160 or higher (supposedly common for a girl). This little girl, even from the start has always been 145-150 or lower(supposed to be more likely in boys). Even my dr said that going by the heart rate wives tale that she thought this one could be a boy but after having the ultrasounds she s most definitely not a boy. lol My friend who recently had a boy found it untrue as well. her baby boy always had a heart rate of 150-170 usually closer to 160.

Altho I am gonna make a guess of yours being a girl just because there seem to be more girls due in feb than boys this year.

[deleted account]

o this baby is active!!! haha when the baby would move it would shoot up to 150's and when it would be calm it was 133. i just want to see if i can predict what the baby is before we have the u/s :)

Erika - posted on 01/17/2011




They say below 140 is boy, above is girl. Both my babies heart rates were all over the place. As low as 130 sometimes, and up in the 160's sometimes. My first was a girl, and this is supposed to be a boy. I dont think you can go by the heart rate to predict gender. Sometimes they may be napping, thus a slow rate. Other times they could be awake and super active cuz youve been busy yourself. Do you have a gut feeling as to what you may be having? My daughter was a very calm baby in utero, this one has been very active, he is always on the move. Thats how I see the sexes being different... Good luck to you! Also, I was curious as to why your insurance company wouldnt let you find out the gender via ultrasound?

Jessica - posted on 01/17/2011




well I had 2 ultrasounds say girl. I have had 3 none stress tests or whatever they are called in the last 3 days. When she is sleeping her heart rate is 120s-140s and when she wakes up and starts moving her heart rate is 150s-170s. The heart rate is lower when baby is sleeping just like ours is bc they are at a constant calm state and what not. Must ppl I talk to say their babies heart rate stayed consistant with the wives tale. I don't know with my son bc I didn't know about that when I was pregnant with him so I can't remember if his was lower...

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