C-sections and working out - So there's a big slice in my tummy and I wanna do crunches.

Abigail - posted on 06/29/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




So they say it's best to wait 6 weeks before strenuous exercise after a c-section. Yeah, and they say don't life more than your baby's weight for 6 weeks to, but let's face it.... as a stay at home mom what choice do you have??? It's been almost 4 weeks since my little guy arrived, and I've only lost 30 of the 60 lbs I gained. (WHY I gained so much, I don't know!) Not only that, but I've lost a lot of tone. Which I kinda expected. Anyway, does anyone know any great workouts for c-section moms? Also, if any other moms out there are as hell bent as I am on getting back the sexy body that got you in this situation, I'd love to have a diet/exercise buddy! (or buddies) I'm a little limited on the dieting part, as I am breastfeeding. But so far I've started walking about 2 miles or so a day, and on Wednesday (4 weeks since b-day) I plan on starting up a workout routine again. Anyone care to join me?

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I had c-sections for both of my children........I know how discouraging and frustrating it can be lol For my daughter I had gained over 75 pounds during my pregnancy. After she was born I did wait the 6 weeks before excercising but once I was given the go ahead I began doing pilates at home. It was what helped me strengthen my stomach muscles again. I am proud to say my kids are now 6 and 7 and I am in better shape and thinner then I was before I got pregnant. :) It takes time but if you are determined you will see it start to come off .......good luck and enjoy your new baby I have a blog if you are interested in it I have a link in the link section if you scroll down.......www.keepingourfamilyactive.blogspot.com

Tuesday - posted on 07/23/2009




ive had 2 csections and after my first one i've just ballooned and im having a hard time losing weight, but everyone always tells me that losing weight after havinga csection is hard. I'd love to walk and excersie but i have no motivation and its hard.

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