Foster and Adoptive moms

A place where moms of adopted and foster children can talk about topics of parenting our beautiful blessings.


Tough Adoption Decision

My husband and I have 5 adopted children ages 13-7. We adopted the last two from foster care, siblings, 4 years ago. We have been caring on with our lives as if our family is...


Name change info please :)

We haven't began the adoption process yet, but hope to soon. My question is, I know the child's last name changes to ours but I want to change the middle name. Does DSS allow...


Fundraising for Adoption

Hi! I've recently started a fundraising website/blog that lists fundraisers that anyone can use but the fundraisers posted are hosted or run by adopting families or...


name changes

Has anyone changed a foster/adopt childs birth name at adoption? At what ages??? We had our first son from birth & it wasn't an issue. I know another family who changed the...



We are having an American Girl Doll give away to help support our adoption of Penny. Please visit us at Thanks and many blessings.


adoptive parents needed.!!!!!

hello,am new here,but i will just want to find out where to meet up with adoptive parents for my baby girl,she is three months old and i will want a stable family to have her.I...


My Year with Billy and Jimmy

Hi all. I'm JC and my husband and I have had legal guardianship of our nephews twin boys 9 years old for over a year. We are in Chicago. Long story short their dad and mom are...


Book Suggestions On Discussing Adoption

My situation is probably not the same as most (or all of yours). This was the group though that I figured I could get the most support from. I have a 6-year-old daughter from a...