My husband says that I should always look good for him?

Whitney - posted on 06/20/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My husband says that I should always look good for him? Gym, makeup, nice clothes. He says if I dont that means I dont care about him. Feed back anyone?


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Sometimes when we are dating we do the look good thing and once we are married things start to "slip". Men sometimes feel that by not doing the makeup/nice clothes thing we are not caring about them anymore.

I do know that when I do the look good thing, it's more about me that about anyone else. The important thing is that I feel good and if I look good, I feel good. I also know that if I don't look good I'm not feeling good, not necessarily sick, but maybe frustrated with something in my relationship. Making myself look good helps bring me out of my funk.

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Amber - posted on 10/17/2012




Completely agree with Sharon, but yes at times we have to look beautiful. It doesn't matter to my husband whether I wear jeans, skirts,or do cosmetic coz he knows me completely. But when we visit friends, relatives or going out I make it a point to look good. Also we suggest what to wear for a particular occasion to each other. So it's mutual and that way we feel comfortable also.

Try to figure out why your husband is behaving like that, and build comfort zone between you and him. Also when you start doing something for the sake of yourself not for others, you feel good and confident about your looks, so go and experiment with your looks for yourself and I am sure when you feel good from within it will reflect and your husband will appreciate it, that time you can calmly discuss about this with him. Hope it will help you.

Cat - posted on 09/19/2012




My husband makes it a point to tell me I look beautiful no matter what. Be it sweatpants with a cold or no makeup, he loves me for what's inside not out although I do like to look nice for him & girl, you deserve the same! :)

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