GrandParants Raising GrandKids

GrandParents Raising Grand Kids and Dealing With All that Comes with it.


Adopted Granddaughter

We have been raising our 14 year old granddaughter for the last 13 years. We adopted her when she was in Kindergarten. Her mom is drug addict, but has been clean for 3 years...


grandparents raising grandkids.

just a message to say thank you for becoming a member of grandparents raising grandkids. Been there done that and still learning. I think the learning thing is never done and...


So sorry

So Sorry Mommys have not been on in a while But Dealing with the Passing Away of my Dad. Just Getting back into the swing of thing slow but sure.


Good Morning

Everyone have a great Day Let the Baby Run and Play and have fun as fun is all they should know. As these Babys have gone through more then they should or any child should go...