Barbara - posted on 04/03/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




my son is going to be 3 on September 3rd and he is still eating "mush"....he has been in therapy for months now and has made some progress but I am still worried......I took him to a gastro dr and they put a scope down his throat and said that everything looks great, he just has severe hypersensitivity...his weight is above average, as well as his height......but all he eats is stage two baby food, yogurt, and pudding. I just feel like I'm alone, they say that this is common with some children and that I couldn't have done anything to prevent it....but I still can't help but blame myself.....and even though I've taken my mother-in-law to the dr appts with me she still gives me grief about it.........

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Siobhan - posted on 04/07/2009




Oh honey...i started to feel the same way...but it is soooo not your fault and you cant blame your self for this....we have been dealing with this since Ethan turned 4 months and I tried to put him on baby food and he wouldnt eat off a spoon we had to feed thim the baby food through the feeding bottle...it a bottle that sassy makes and you put the food in the bottle and they suck the food out of the bottle...cause once the spoon touched his mouth he would gag/vomit...it took us until Ethan was 12-13 months to eat off a baby spoon...I'm also in the same boat with the whole mother-in-law thing...she blamed me and said that I was doing it all wrong and that its my fault that he wont eat etc...its NOT....my doctor has told me that same things its not our fault some kids are just born with this...Ethan caught us off gaurd becuase Kevin ate so well...all Kevin wanted to do was eat everything and anything and he still is that way...so your not alone at all....I got your message you left on my phone...I would have called you back but it came up restricted call...so if you want to chat give me call Im off today and tomorrow from work my kids are in bed about 7-730 so give me a call after 8 and I can freely talk without interruption from my very loud boys...lol....talk to you soon...hang in there honey....it is going to be ok...and he will learn to eat solid foods

Marie - posted on 04/03/2009




My girl is over 2 years old and refuses to eat. She was breast fed for 18 months and then never started to eat on her own. She sometimes manage to eat a cherio or a cracker but that is about it! We finally had to put in a feeding tube. They say she is hyper sensitiv, but i am not sure about that. I think that she doed not feel hunger or taste. She is doing good on weight now but is still under the curve on her growth.

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