Its wrong saying these and God forgive me too...but my mother in law is just too much pain in the azz...and my husband is just a kiddo. I'm going through so much with this marraiage life that now i am expericing arthritis/carpal tunnel on my right hand. my husband is mamma's boy that he only cares when his mother tells him so. I get lectured from his mom almost all the time from not cookin for his son. And my husband doesnt care what i'm goin thru with his mom and my pain. Whats the best way to tell a mammas boy to grow up and be a man?


Ongi - posted on 12/11/2012




Hi Julie

Try asking your husband to help you cook the food for you. Just guide him and tell him what he needs to do. Trust me when you ease him into cooking the food for your kid, he will do it , make sure that you ask him nicely so he doesnt have an excuse to say no.

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