Hemiplegia / Hemiparesis / Stroke

Discussion and Support group for mums of children who have suffered a prenatal or post natal stroke.


Left sided weakness

Hi Everybody! A bit about us... My Son Ollie was diagnosed as having suffered a pre/postnatal stroke leaving him with a left sided weakness. (Hemiplegia/hemiparesis) He's...


right side weakness

Hi. I've been reading everyone's post on prenatal stroke and the weakness it causes to one side. My 15 month daughter has weakness, and we have a neurologist appointment in 2...


Aquatic Therapy

I am looking for tips on aquatic therapy for my 17 month old son with cerebral palsy hemiplegia left side affecting the right side of his body.


Just wondering

I just found this group and was wondering if anybody visits often. The threads are all old and I would like to know if other mom's are on here often. I'm looking for support. My...



I am so glad that there is a group for this! The posts look older though, do you guys still get on here???



My daughter is 10 and has pachygyria. Just wondering if there is anyone else out there with a child with the same diagnosis?



I thought I would get a current thread going. There are quite a few Mamas in this group, and all of us are here for support in one way or another. All of us have different...


Logan's story...

When Logan was born he seemed like a normal baby to me. I was 18 yrs old at the time, and he was my first baby. I didn't think anything was wrong. While we were in the...



Hi My name is Mary and my daughter is Cailin. She is 25 months old She has right-sided hemiparesis... She was diagnosed when she was just over a year old. When she was 6-7...


New here!

Hi! I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Christine and our son's name is Caleb (9 months). He suffered a stroke within 72 hours of his birth. They were unable to...


Birth control

So, I am breastfeeding my son still and am trying to avoid getting pregnant for awhile. I am worried about using a hormonal birth control method because I am afraid that it...



I thought it would be lovely to have a place to share your little ones achievements no matter how big or small I'll kick off. Yesterday Ollie fed himself yogurt using a spoon,...


Children with Disabilities

I have children with disabilities. I am so concerned about my son Logan with his mood disorder.He had a stroke at the age of 2. This affected the left side of his brain, I am...