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i can never get the hang of throwing birthday parties everytime i try i always do it wronge any suggestions how to make one that will actually workout?

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Florencia - posted on 01/18/2010




What do you feel you are doing wrong or is wrong about it?

It's best to do it at like a skating arena or bowling center or something like that. Then you don't have a mess to clean up and it only last for so long. These places usually have party rooms for cake ice cream and presents. You can get pizza and pop so everyone is fed everyone is occupied and having fun and to me it's cheaper. These things are usually pre-priced comes with food drink activity party bags usually between 10 and 12 kids can come, with skating parents can join in the fun entry is free you just have to pay for skate rental or bring your own. You don't have to worry about cooking and planning activities trying to keep to a schedule and having to clean up the mess that we all know kids can and will make. It is impossible to plan and stick to a schedule with kids, things are always going to come up or happen that will throw it off. Don't feel as if the party is a complete failure because you went off schedule and was stressed. My daughter and i decided that it would be better to just have her and maybe one or two friends celebrate her birthday. Then we can do more activities and really enjoy the activity and get more things for the same price. We decided this because every year there is always someone trying to steal her spotlight. Also there's always one or two that need this and that and every minute I'm tending to someone else for one reason or another and not able to truly enjoy my daughter, my daughter's birthday, and we aren't getting quality time together. My baby needs help from her mom and deserves my undivided attention yet i was being divided everywhere but her way. Parties will never be perfect as long as u know that and expect the unexpected then u will not feel the party was unsuccessful or a failure.

Tuesday - posted on 05/31/2009




Hi..of course it depends on the age of your child & budget:) , but it tends to get easier as they get older. I always picked a theme,i.e. Incredible Hulk(that was popular @ the time & as they get a lil older, they'll voice their, & I would get a pinata & some of the accessories to match(of course) goodie bags,. cake & ice cream( mini individual cups @ Wal~mart),chips, punch & your good to go...water balloons, or sprinkler always help esp. if its during the summer. One year I rented a bounce house & that was super popular. It always helps to invite the parents so that they can "assist" you & help keep things going.... Pizza places w/ gamerooms are popular too.This year my son will be 15 & earlier in the year he said he wanted to have a few of his friends & go to Laser Tag....but it may change between now & Last year it was White Water Bay(OKC WaterPark)! Good luck & keep me posted on your turnouts!

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