Is My Baby Too Heavy?

Danielle in Welcome to Circle of Moms!!

My baby is almost 4 months weighs 20 lbs was 6 lbs 6 oz at birth. Constantly...


Check with your child's pediatrician. I started my children on baby cereal at 5...


Always talk to your pediatrician before making decisions, but as long as you...

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Advocare For ADHD

Virginia in Moms With School Age Kids

Hi, my name is Virginia and my 7 year old was diagnosed with ADHD last year. I...


My children's pediatrician recommends Advocare for children other than medicating...


My daugher has adhd and she drinks spark. She is 9. I became a distributor of...

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How did you to teach your children to read?

Many parents start teaching their children to read before or alongside school lessons. There are many strategies on teaching kids to read - which methods have worked for you?


Alphabet Anatomy is the most fun and easy way to teach your child the alphabet and...


Smile. I documented the approach I used at

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How do you carve out time for yourself?

Motherhood is demanding, and it doesn't stop just because you need a break. But taking care of yourself is vital if you want to be fully present for your children. How do you...


time managment always worked for me. I'm a stay home mom to a 9 month old and I...


Every night , after my infant and toddler are in bed, I take a half an hour (or...

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How can I get rid of stretch marks?

Have you found any products or techniques that helped diminish stretch marks?


I am using lemon. I just rub it on stretchmarks in the night and I wast in the...


I'm selling itworks products and we make stretch mark cream. It works awesome and...

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What are your thoughts on the Nuva Ring?

Choosing what type of birth control to use can be an overwhelming task. If you have ever tried the Nuva Ring, what has your experience been like? What should other moms know who...


I preferred depo to nuva ring I was on depo for almost 9 years before I was told I...


NUVA RING was horrible for me was on it and got into a state of deep deep...

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