Is My Baby Too Heavy?

Danielle in Welcome to Circle of Moms!!

My baby is almost 4 months weighs 20 lbs was 6 lbs 6 oz at birth. Constantly...


Check with your child's pediatrician. I started my children on baby cereal at 5...


Always talk to your pediatrician before making decisions, but as long as you...

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How do I prepare my child for college?

College is more than just books and class. There are many challenges your child will face when they go off to college. How do you get them ready?


Make sure they know how to study. University is a lot harder than high school.


Something that helped me was setting up an appointment with the school counselor,...

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How often do your children see their grandparents?

Sometimes grandma and grandpa live right down the street, and other times due to distance or emotional issues, they aren't around much at all. How often do your children see...


Hi there, We see our Grandson twice a week while he's been driven from his Mum's...

Karen Lee

I have seen my granddaughters often as I babysat them. There are 4 but now I have...

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What are some affordable childcare ideas you can share?

In today's economy, many people don't have the money to hire a full-time nanny or register their children at the Premiere Day Care du Jour, but childcare is still sometimes a...


Coop preschools where all the moms put in time instead of money.


Did you know some daycare centers will allow you to work at there center and put...

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How do you stay connected to your grown children?

Once your children aren't living at home anymore, it can be hard to feel as close to them as when you saw them everyday. How do you keep a close relationship with grown...


I feel so disconnected from my boys, ages 21 and 16. Our daughter died three...


If you happen to have sons I think it is far more difficult than staying connected...

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