Advocare For ADHD

Virginia Carrillo

Virginia Carrillo in Moms With School Age Kids

Hi, my name is Virginia and my 7 year old was diagnosed with ADHD last year. I...

Kim Lodge
Kim Lodge

My children's pediatrician recommends Advocare for children other than medicating...


My daugher has adhd and she drinks spark. She is 9. I became a distributor of...

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Is My Baby Too Heavy?


Danielle in Welcome to Circle of Moms!!

My baby is almost 4 months weighs 20 lbs was 6 lbs 6 oz at birth. Constantly...


Check with your child's pediatrician. I started my children on baby cereal at 5...

Rachel Rouse
Rachel Rouse

Always talk to your pediatrician before making decisions, but as long as you...

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How do I stop tantrums from getting worse?

Dealing with tantrums is incredibly stressful on parents. Share your tips for preventing tantrums from getting worse and see how other moms are handling tantrums.



I know it sounds difficult: but ignoring is always the best tactic. It's difficult...

Linda Gaertner

Linda Gaertner

When they are or are becoming out of control, help them learn to control...

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How do you keep your child from undressing in public?

So many children go through a phase when they just won't keep their clothes on! While it's somewhat endearing at home, it can be overwhelming when it happens in public. What are...


I have 4 children (3 being teens one 8yr old) but never had problems with public...



Hey. If you can't beat em, join em.

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What do you do when your child has a nightmare?

Nightmares can be hard on both children and their parents. How do you handle it when your child has had a bad dream?

Jenni Plante

Jenni Plante

My son gets night terrors and has since he was 2 he is now almost 6 we just wake...

Gabrielle Soyring

Gabrielle Soyring

I have used all of the methods mentioned at one time or another. The one that...

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What to say if your child starts cussing

Sometimes even mom's best efforts to keep the language her child overhears clean can be thwarted: strangers in public can have harsh language, friends or family may not be as...

Julie Dillon

Julie Dillon

I coined the phrase, "Smart people don't swear." to basically let my boys know...

Sarah Kirkham

Sarah Kirkham

Seriously....I just ignore it! What else can you can say to a 2 year old? as he...

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