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Is $13.00 too much to pay for 8 hours on 2 different days? What's a good amount to...

~♥Little Miss

I just answered this on a different post. Are you saying $13 dollars TOTAL for 2...


Sorry I'm new to this ..Wednesdays and Thursdays 8:00a.m to 3:00 for 13 dollars...

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Pregnant without a partner

Dezarae in Single Moms

I'm a young pregnant mom looking for the support of strong women to help me get...


I was 1 month pregnant when I left my partner and my son is 13 months old now....


Basically, I told him I was pregnant with HIS child and he left me... And it...

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Birth Plan: Did/do you have one?

For expecting mothers, who is planning on taking a birth plan to the hospital? For mothers who've already given birth, did you have a birth plan? Did you stick to it, or was...


haha nothing ever goes to plan if you make one -


I had one since I wanted a birth with no medical intervention, not even an IV. I...

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When will the sibling rivalry end?

Is there an age when sibling rivalry starts to come to an end?


My sisters are in their 60`s and I am praying for God to mend their relationship...


When they're grown up and out of the house...and even then some people never grow...

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What are your thoughts on vaccinations?

Vaccinations can be an incredibly complicated issue to consider. You want to make sure your children are protected against dangerous diseases, but you've also heard that...


cool as!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm a vegan so I think they are cruel. They are animal tested so the animals...

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