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Catholic Homeschool

Hello. I am planning for next year to use a Catholic curriculum for my fifth grader daughter. I would like to know your recommendation and the pros and cons.

Started by Mariette on 07/09/2014 in Homeschool Moms

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Don't know if I can keep doing this...

I started Homeschooling my 6 year old in January. He was in kindergarten and I pulled him out. I wanted to start off homeschooling but my in-laws had just moved in with us and...

Started by Sabrina on 05/16/2014 in Homeschool Moms

Last update on 05/17/2014 by Linda


Mass Exodus out of Institutional Schools

We are seeing a huge exodus of 1st graders through 12th graders leaving the institutional school system, but we are not seeing enough organizations to support this alternative...

Started by Susie on 04/21/2014 in Homeschool Moms

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Heidi songs and hip homeschool Moms is on Hip Homeschool Moms today. Great review for great products!

Started by Kristen on 04/15/2014 in Homeschool Moms

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I am new and need advice

Hi, I am new to Circle of Moms and am wanting to start homeschooling my son. I need some advice on how to get started. From the research I have done, my area only requires a...

Started by Betty on 01/22/2014 in Homeschool Moms

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Just Started Homeschool Moms Community

Hi there~ I just started the Homeschool Moms community. I'm a homeschool mom to 6 kiddos, and a daughter-in-law. I've been homeschooling for 14 years. I have a son and...

Started by Lori on 11/02/2008 in Homeschool Moms

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Planning to Homeschool

Hi, I have a 2 1/2 year old and am expecting our second. I was homeschooled for a time and when I had my first daughter I really started paying more attention to the school...

Started by Liz on 11/21/2013 in Homeschool Moms

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Help please..has anyone not done preschool?

Hi, I have a son who turns 4 this July. We have looked at preschool/kindergartens in our area and haven't found any we think are good (not the best area). He is also 'different'...

Started by Anika on 06/08/2013 in Homeschool Moms

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Help!! Homeschool preschool?

I have a 3 year old son, that i am thinking of homeschooling for preschool in the fall when he turns 4. the preschools in my area are not very good and i was planning to just do...

Started by Jessica on 01/29/2013 in Homeschool Moms

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When To start

Just wanted some advice On how To prepare To homeschool have a 2yo And a 11 month old.

Started by Karen on 07/31/2013 in Homeschool Moms

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Looking for home schooling reviewers!

Hello everyone! I am a UK teacher and work for a teaching resource website called Twinkl. We have loads of resources for home schooling parents, most of them are free but I...

Started by Heather on 04/23/2013 in Homeschool Moms

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We are getting ready to start homeschooling for the first time with my daughter, she'll be 4 in the fall. She's highly interested in learning, trying to write, learning...

Started by Charity on 05/03/2013 in Homeschool Moms

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Homeschool delimma

Hi, I am considering homeschooling. I have a 4 and 6 year old. I am just concerned they are not being challenged enough and I simply don’t approve of some of the silly rules...

Started by Mary on 05/19/2013 in Homeschool Moms

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