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Cindy - posted on 08/12/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi there,

I'm from South Africa and is homeschooling my son, who turns seven in a week. He has high functioning autism. ADD is part of that, above all of the other stuff. No school wanted to accept him, because he is "different" and they don't have the facilities to "deal with a child like that".

He can read, very well, and write and do maths. The problem is the writing part. He still doesn't know wich letters are supposed to be bigger and which are supposed to be smaller. This was also covered in his therapy, so you would think that he would by now.

How can I get him to remember this. And also get him to remember that a sentence start with a capital letter.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Gina - posted on 04/27/2013




I do something that is called copy work I write a sentence and he copies it exactly like I have it I highlight where each word would go on that page so hes not all over the place. My sons issue is he can spell the words right and he can read them but when its time to sit down and I say what should we write about he cant think of what to write so he freezes. I may try to get him in a creative writting co-opt. I heard that many children with adhd may have dsylexia I think my son might be one of them. look into diane crafts site and see if this is your child shes a amazing

Cynthia - posted on 08/12/2009




My son will be turning 6 in October, and he also has a hard time with writing, and understanding the difference between capital and lowercase letters. I found a free printable worksheet, and have included the link below. Every few pages there is a worksheet with different sized boxes to fit the letters (the first one is on page 3). My son couldn't write at all on the lined paper I learned how to write on, his letters were all over and different sized, but when I gave him this worksheet it all made sense to him. I actually kept the first one he did because his letters were so neatly written. He also enjoys trying to figure out which word goes in which box.

Here is the link to the workbook:

I am starting to teach my son about capital and lowercase letters. I tell him that a capital letter is like the "authority" figure of the letters. The capitol is always out when the word is important or when it is the beginning of a sentance. The first letter is in charge, so it gets to be a capitol. I don't think he quite gets it yet, but it is coming. Another important thing I have heard is to read, read, read. The more they see the rules played out in books, the more likely they are to get it.

I am just starting in the whole homeschooling thing, and don't really do much academics yet, though we will start in a few weeks on beginning level math, reading and writing. If anyone else out there has any other ideas, I would love to hear them as well!

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