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I think we may have found a curriculum that we like i haven't ordered it yet. i was hoping to get someones opinion on "My Father's World". We also found a book called "Making the Grade: Everything you need to know for a 3rd grader". If anyone has used these resources could you let me know how they worked out for you.

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Hello... :) I'm deanna's friend... (yes...she has one!) LOL!

*snicker snicker*

I adore MFW! It has been amazing! Now, I have to admit, they follow a different pattern for learning than the public school does. They cover things chronologically, from Creation on up after the first year of world Geography. I like it, I think it works well, but it may not line up with the "everything you need to know for" books as they are based off of the public school's time table.

If you have younger children, and are considering KG and 1st, then check out the reviews.... many have complained about KG being way too easy, and then that makes 1st too easy... but that's mostly been the kids that are already piecing words together and writing.... I've heard from others that they really like the way it teaches the phonics.

I only do the 5 year cycle. Almost tried adventures, but my 3rd grader does 6th grade work and my 1st grader is now doing 3rd, so we went with ECC instead... to meet their advanced needs. While I've heard wonderful things about Adventures, I am sad we missed a few of the projects, but I'm not sad that we jumped ahead because the books would have just been too easy.

I've also heard good things about another program called Tapestry of Grace... you can actually teach your kids from K-12 at the same time... but it takes a lot of planning and juggling... if you are good at that and have the time, then it's a strong program.

Now, on a spiritual side... MFW is HEAVY on the bible and God's point of view. It teaches very well science and social studies, but from a biblical perspective. Bible is not just an added class... it's ingrained and woven through the curriculum. But they don't shirk away from teaching... not a bit.

Anyway, hope this helps some. Oh, and I'm not using their recommended stuff for L/A and Math... I just kinda pieced together our stuff this year. No particular reason except I got to go to the christian book store and actually read and review the stuff before buying.

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I have a friend that uses the My Father's World and they love it. It really links it all together and the kids learn a lot. You do a lot with the kids too. It is also very Christian based so that is one thing you need to watch for if you aren't as bible teaching as she is. However, you can take it out or leave it all in and even add more like she does. The My Father's world is a good curriculum from what all I have heard of it. We are currently using a mix of curriculum but will be moving to almost strictly the Bob Jones curriculum next year.

good luck, god bless, and I hope I helped at least some. :)

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