Having children in public school and children in homeschooling

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I have 4 children (12, 10, 10, 7). My girls (10) had an issue last year with the public school system. This year I decided to homeschool them under a church school "cover" program. My boys (12, 7) are still in the public school system. I just felt that it would be too overwhelming to take on all 4 on the first year. My oldest loves the social interaction of public school (he plays on the JV football team). Do any of have this same issue or any advice? Thank you so much.

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We started homeschooling 2 of our 5 school age kids in February-and now have them all homeschooled. It was HARD to hold up both home and school schedules. AND they were both jealous of all the things the others did(the grass is always greener) so that was hard. For us it was better to homeschool all...good luck with your decisions!

Jill - posted on 01/03/2011




I have one child homeschooling, one child in public school, and one child in a small school for learning differences. They all have their different ways of learning, and for now where they are is working for them. We work with the K12 curriculum (K12.com). If one of your kids is thriving in public school let him stay there. If it is not right for one of the others then find what works for them. I know how tiring and worrying it can be, but it is really worth it. Trust yourself and your instincts about your children. You know them the best. Good luck.

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Every family is different. I think it is just fine that you don't overwhelm yourself the first year. If this works better for you and you are happy with the public school and the job they are doing then I say leave it. You can always change things later down the road. I am homeschooling 3 of my girls ages 7, 4, and almost 3. All are in different grades and different levels so it takes extra work. Now I also work full time at night so that I can be home with my kids all day so I have double the amount that a normal stay at home, homeschooler would have. However, I am able to handle it so I am sure you won't bite off more than you can chew. good luck and feel free to message me if you want. god bless

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