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I hate to say it, but I did not know about this:

This is what I found, and really it's helpful:
No, you're not going to get a ticket. Pickup trucks are notoriously unsafe, so if there's another way to transport your baby, I would. However, if that's all you've got you'll have to work with it.

In cars you want to put baby seats in the back, but intrucks they are actually safer in the front, as long as the airbag is shut off. This is b/c in the back they are so close to the rear windshield. Just make sure you keep your baby rear facing AS LONG AS POSSIBLE! Turning kids forward at 20lbs/1year is an outdated practice that could cost you your child's life! American Academy of Pediatrics says to keep kids rear facing to the limit of their convertible car seat. All current models go to at least 30lbs, many higher.

A forward-facing child under 2 years old is 4 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured in a crash than a rear-facing child of the same age. A child's vertabrae do not fully fuse until 3-6 years old, before then, she is at great risk for internal decapitation. The spinal column can stretch up to 2 inches in a crash BUT the spinal cord can only stretch up to 1/4 inch before it snaps and baby is gone.

In the age of the internet its amazing so much misinformation exists! Please please do not listen to people telling you to turn your child forward facing 'at your judgement' or when her legs touch the seat. In truth, most children LIKE resting their feet on the back of the seat in front of them. Check out this photo album exclusively of rear facing kids, many of them much older than 12 months:… It is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (see sources) that ALL babies stay rear facing as long as possible, up to the weight/height limits of their seat. Most seats go to 30lbs rear facing, some go higher, check your manual. They are too tall for an infant carrier when the head is within an inch of the top of the shell. Too tall for most convertible seats when their ears reach the top of the seat. Has nothing to do with how long their legs are! There isn't a single documented case of a child breaking their legs b/c they were rear facing in an accident. There are, however, lots of cases where children have been killed and seriously injured where a rear facing seat would have protected them better. They are safest rear facing b/c their bones have not yet completed the ossification process that bonds/hardens them like adults. They need the bracing support that a rear facing seat offers to withstand a crash. 20lbs AND 1 year is the bare minimum as far as the law is concerned, but the law is the bare minimum of safety, and who wants to do the bare minimum for their child?

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Legally the very min you can do is turn your child at 20 lbs and one year of age. Thats not the safe way to go but people do do it unfortunately. I think the laws should be changed. I also posted some stuff on this before in the links and a video too.

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I live in Tennessee and I get the impression that the law requires an infant to be turned forward when they reach 20lb. I'm sure it's not the law as such, but the wording is confusing and people are not sure what they need to do. I think there needs to be some clarity in some jurisdictions so that people know what they can and can't do.

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