Potty Training!??

Beth - posted on 10/01/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




Thank you for the invite! This is great! I am having a hard time keeping my son Alex (and myself) focused on potty training. Any advice from my fellow Jan 2007 moms?
Beth and Alex 1-10-07


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Yarazenka - posted on 10/31/2009




I potty trained both my girls in less than a week for both daytime and night time. Firstly your child will tell you when they are ready to be potty trained, if your having problems then your child isn't ready. First I explained to them that nappies were for babies and that they were a big girl now and get to wear big girl panties. From then on we went shopping for big girl panties (let you child pick the ones they want as it is exciting for them) and then once we got home all nappies where thrown out by the child. After that was done, I told my girls that if they needed to wee or poo that they use the toilet and no to mess their new big girl panties. With both girls there was a couple of accidents and that was it. I think what helped the most was when you child is interested in what your doing and follows you around even to the toilet let them, this is a learning experience for them and it will all click when it is time for them to potty train as they have seen you do it.
Good luck.

Danielle - posted on 10/28/2009




we started to make it part of his routine, first thing in the morning, just after snack, after lunch. ect but i think the biggest thing was watching and noticing the dances, holding himself that he did was a sure sign that he had to go and we didnt ask him we told him to go, he got mad at us at first and we had to fight to get him on the potty but after he went pee and he saw how happy we got (and the fact that he got a sticker) he stopped fighting us and just went when he needed to now we dont have to tell him he tells us...

hope it helps!! and good luck it took us 3 months to potty train

Jamie - posted on 10/27/2009




just started potty training my son who is now 33 months old. I tried at 22 months old and he just wasn't ready. The doctor told me not to rush it if he wasn't ready. But I tell you I am glad that I didn't Cause I started Potty training exactly two weeks ago with bribes. And I never did the potty training pants. I went straight to underwear. Which was a big help. I bought underwear with characters on them and tell him that he didn't want to make diego or spongebob wet cause it would make them sad. and would always have the potty in close area for him. I would always ask every half hour " need to pee" and he would answer me. and Just two days ago he took the initative to start just going straight to the potty himself and pulling down his own pants. yay for me. I have a 6 month old and hate the double diaper duty. Pooping was the harder to get done. But has now been doing both on potty for 3 weeks straight faithfully. GOOD LUCK it takes a lot of time. and sometimes they maybe not ready and if you wait till there ready you may be saving your self the hassel and complacations. once their ready they take off

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