Red Dye?

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I think my daughter may be allergic to the red dye found in foods. She seems to have most of the symptoms that I have found online (throwing fits, being completely unreasonable, crying hysterically, just basically loosing her mind at least once a day) if anyone has a child with this can you tell me a lil about it?

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Jocelyn - posted on 07/14/2009




it is very possible. but it may only be certain red dyes. i know a girl who is allergic to the artificial red, but i also know a girl who is allergic to the cochineal red dye. the cochineal is much easier to cut out of a diet than the artificial (i've cut it out because i'm a vegetarian)

Jeanette - posted on 07/09/2009




Hi! I am a teacher and noticed similar behaviors in one of my students and made a suggestion to the parents to monitor his food intake due to possible allergies. Once the red dye was eliminated, behaviors dramatically changed (for the better)!

Nicole - posted on 07/07/2009




Hi there! My children don't have this issue but I do know of two kids who have. The first was a boy I knew growing up allergic to red dye and he had all the classic symptoms. Once eliminated from his diet he was so much better. The other child I know will be 5 in August. While I'm not certain if it's just red dye and/or food additives, her parents put her on a strict diet and slowly added things back in to see what would cause her excessive mood swings. I do know the diet helped tremendously and they were able to see how certain foods affected her. For instance, one was peanut butter. It ended up being one type of peanut butter worked because an additive that's in most others wasn't in that particular brand. Just saying this because it may be something other than red dye. Depending on her age, the doc should be able to help (too young of kids makes it harder to determine allergies, according to my ped). Best of luck!

Kelly - posted on 07/06/2009




My child does not have this...however I am allergic to red dye #40. I do not experience any of the above symptoms however it makes it difficult for me to breathe. I would definitely take her to a doctor in case she is acting this way in response to narrowing airways. Not trying to worry you at all. They have tests at the doctor that they can test for basically all allergies and this is one I would get checked out. Otherwise try to avoid the red dye and see if this really is the problem.

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