7mo old can't sit :(

Rebecca Lynn - posted on 08/17/2009 ( 10 moms have responded )




My 7mo old Daughter Ashley still can't sit up and I am getting worried. She is very mobile army man crawling all around the place and she can stand and try's to take step if her hands are held but if you sit her up she just kinda folds over on herself or falls over :(

I am worried because at this point my Son Logan could sit perfectly unsupported by 6 months of age and was standing up cruising around furniture by 8 months then walking freely before his 1st birthday.

I don't want to rush her I am just noticing big differences in development between her and her bigger brother.


Amy - posted on 08/17/2009




You will hear it a thousand times, babies develop at their own pace. I would contact your pediatrician with your concerns. Everything I have read says they should be able to sit up unassisted between 4-8mos. If she is not by 9 mos contact your dr. With that said, her are a few things I found that help:

Try propping her with a boppy pillow. I placed my daughter in front of me between my legs with the boppy in between us. It would help cradle her butt so she didn't roll around. When she would tumble, I would catch her and put her right back into position.

I found this from a website:

Your baby may also be able to hold herself in a sitting position for a little while if you set her up just right. Plant her on her bottom and spread her legs in a V position for balance. Then pull her arms together and place her hands on the floor between her legs. (She will have to lean forward a bit to reach the floor.) By supporting herself on her outstretched arms and balancing herself with her legs, she can sit almost upright. With a little practice, she may even learn to support herself with just one hand.

Give her time and lots of practice, she will come around when she is ready :)


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Kylie - posted on 08/26/2009




i have three kids a 6 yrs old a 4 yr old and a 7 month old and they were all different.my daughter did everything early was walking by 7 months. my 4 yr old didn't walk till 15 months and crawled on his foot and knee. and my new one is following in his sisters footsteps. all kids r different. my neighbors kid did the same thing and it was just because he had a round butt and was chunky.my 7 month old will hold his boottle but you give hime a sippy and he wants you to hold it for him and fights me about it. as long as she is moving around and mobile don't worry.

Georgia - posted on 08/26/2009




Don't worry too much all babies are different, my baby boy is the same, he will roll around the floor and get everywhere with tecnique. but he wont sit up.. he is nearly 8months and i try to sit him up and he will hold himself up for few seconds then he will just try and get down onto his belly.. he prefers it on his belly because he can roll and enjoys it so much.
He has started to get into the crawling postion and bounces onto his feet, so i think he will skip the sitting and just crawl.. but like i say every baby isnt the same.. so maybe your baby simular to mine and is happy to get around on the belly :-) i hope this helpsxxx

Lyndal - posted on 08/25/2009




My daughter could sit unassisted around 5 months. Throughout that month she got stronger and stronger. She won't be a crawler. She is desperate to walk! :)
I was advised to use a small box, surrounded by pillows and sit her in that for 10-30 minutes or as long as she wants once or twice a day. Women in Ghana do that so they can get on with their chores/work and know their baby is in the one spot but they also believe it helps strengthen their back muscles. I did that with my daughter basically they'd leave me alone but also because she enjoyed it.
Don't know if it helped make her sit faster because I do believe that babies do develop at their own pace and she would've worked it out sooner or later.
Glad she's finally getting stronger. :)

Kirsty - posted on 08/25/2009




my 7 month old sits supported but not unsupported she was 6 weeks early and my health visitor says between 6 months and 9 months is normal.

Katie - posted on 08/24/2009




My 7 month old is not sitting up unassisted either.I have a Bumbo and she seems to enjoy it but when she is out of it she just throws herself backwards.My son was already sitting up at the age she is now.I figure they all learn things at their own pace and hopefully she will start to sit up on her own soon!

Jennifer - posted on 08/23/2009




Don't worry about it. She will get there. My son just learned to sit up on his own (will be 7 months on Aug. 30) but has zero interest in crawling. And, when he's sitting up, he does eventually flop backwards at some point so I always put something soft behind him so he doesn't bang his head. He semi scoots around, but isn't getting up on all 4s at all and doesn't seem to want to. I was told to not worry yet. If you are really worried, talk to your dr. But, they all hit milestones at different times. She'll sit up eventually.

Rebecca Lynn - posted on 08/23/2009




She is beginning to sit on her own now after a lil more practice :) I am so proud of her :)

Laura - posted on 08/23/2009




Get a Bumbo they work great, My daughter was by her self after about 4 weeks. I set her in it a few times a day for about 15 min or until she got tired, it works great!

Leandra - posted on 08/17/2009




Believe it or not my baby brother was walking before he could sit up unassisted. Don't worry.

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