Son's aggressive behavior

Trina - posted on 11/24/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




We are having some issues with aggression in my son. It started with his sister and now he is showing aggression towards his classmates at preschool and at church. I don't know how to curb his actions at school because they won't even give him a time out. They only make him walk away and do something else. When they have him go look at a book it's like they are rewarding his bad behavior because he loves to look at books. He picks on his sister constantly. He pushes her down, pulls an arm or leg, and is just really mean to her.

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Deepti - posted on 02/28/2011




hi trina... your son is aggressive but u have not mentioned his age..u need to sit with him and hug him and let him speak about himself... try to know wat irritates him and also why he does not like his sister... may be he is insecure and does this for attention... tell him he may lose his friends if he continues and he may get rewards if he behaves well...also appreciate him for little good things and whenever he obeys.. this may work
visit and u will get ur answers:

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My son is also very aggressive. So you are not alone. I don't know your views on spanking, but I advise against it with aggressive children. I worked in a preschool for awhile and have many friends that still do. I am surprised that the school doesn't do more than try and distract him. Suggest a meeting to set-up a discipline plan; otherwise you could be headed for bigger trouble in a couple of years. Good Luck. I am still working on it with my son.

Deborah - posted on 01/05/2011




id talk to a counsler or a dr to c wut they got to say...mayb they wuld no wuts goin on w him.. i hope i helped good luck i hope he gets better

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