July 2009

Moms expecting in July 2009!

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Somebody please help

Hi, I just recently had my IUD taken out on April 5th and had my period right after. I'm so worried bc the 11th I had intercourse w my fiancé for the first time since its been...

Started by Miranda on 05/07/2012 in July 2009

Last update on 05/25/2012 by Sara


2.5 y/o boy won't eat any suggestions?

My 2.5 y/o is such a picky eater and only will eat pbj sandwich's and pancakes. He used to eat all sorts of food and now he won't and haven't since after his 2nd birthday. I've...

Started by Kristen on 04/25/2012 in July 2009

Last update on 05/12/2012 by Anika


Rear Facing? Any still doing this?

I was just wondering if anyone was still rear facing their child? If so (or if you have an older child still rear facing), how are they doing and how long do you plan to keep...

Started by Morgan on 02/02/2012 in July 2009

Last update on 04/09/2012 by Jessie


Are your kiddos hitting the picky phase?

what do your kids like to eat these days? Any ideas for tempting healthy food that would encourage my very picky boy to eat a more balanced diet?

Started by Lexi on 04/05/2011 in July 2009

Last update on 03/08/2012 by Gabrielle


how do i get my son to stand up to pee?

my son will be 16 months te 25th,we have started potty training about 2 weeks ago. he will use the potty everytime i ask if he has to go. right now i am using the seat you put...

Started by Heather on 11/20/2010 in July 2009

Last update on 03/05/2012 by Gabrielle


How many bottles does your 14 month old have ?

My son eats heaps but loves a bottle , especially for comfort . He's 14 months old and has 3-4 bottles of full cream milk a day . How many bottles are your babies drinking ?

Started by Malachi's on 10/07/2010 in July 2009

Last update on 02/20/2012 by Brittney


potty training for a 26month old stubborn boy

My son just turned two in July. He will pee-pee in the potty but will not poop in it. Yesterday he sat on the potty for 20 minutes and pee-pee'd then went into my bedroom and...

Started by Tunjunika on 09/21/2011 in July 2009

Last update on 02/13/2012 by Nicole


Potty training and pulling off his pullup

My child is in pullups and he takes it off so he can run around naked playing with his stuff. LOL We are trying to potty train but he wont tell me when he has to go or go to the...

Started by Jamie on 01/25/2012 in July 2009

Last update on 02/06/2012 by Chelsi


2009 July Babys

What was the date your July 2009, what is the gender. What did u name him/her? Weight&length @ birth.. My girl was born on the 20th July We Named her Azaeliyah Jaime Ann Collins...

Started by Chanel on 03/23/2010 in July 2009

Last update on 02/04/2012 by Zoe


Anyone exclusivly breastfeeding?

First let me say, Im not one to judge at all! But just wondering is it not the 'norm' to breastfeed anymore? Just about everywhere I read I see woman talking about how much...

Started by Alesha on 09/11/2009 in July 2009

Last update on 01/26/2012 by Pam

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